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A battle of wits and Clete comes out on Top

Round or flat does not change my faith in Christ one bit. The Biblical world view is not effected one way or the other either.

Your testimony is!

Just as the con artists on the Trinity Broadcasting Network do damage to the faith, so also does any Christian who stubbornly ignores sound reason in favor of blind belief, no matter the topic. The truth is rational! If you are seen accepting a cosmology that is clearly irrational, how do you expect that not to cast doubt onto your theology?

This is not about salvation, it's about deception. Satan is a deceiver and the question is has he fooled the world through globalism and we went to the moon?

Satan is a deceiver, yes, but he isn't stupid!

Newton was a Christian as was Capernicus and Kepler and Galileo and a great many other people who were instrumental in figuring out gravity and that the Earth is a round ball that goes around the Sun. And they didn't do this for theological reasons but for scientific ones. They figured it out not because of blind belief in what the bible teaches but because they observed carefully and thought clearly and had an unwavering allegiance to the truth, whatever that might be. The fact that nothing they discovered contradicts the bible (and by extension, true Christianity) is a plus for the bible and for Christianity but it should be noted once again that the bible is not a book about science nor is Christianity primarily concerned with the facts of nature which will pass away. As such, Satan has no motive to spend the time and resources it would require to create and then maintain the conspiracy required to trick the world's population into believing the Earth was a globe that orbited the Sun when it was actually flat and stationary.

So how do we know a lie from the truth?

The truth is not an irrational proposition which evolution and the theory of relativity are. So I think it reasonable the examine Copernican cosmology.

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Polish astronomer who wrote a book called “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres.” Published in 1543 in which he rigorously describes a solar system with the Sun at center and with the Earth, spinning on its axis once daily, revolving annually around the Sun.

An earth that is said to spin at 1000 mph, and I know it would probably be slower as we would experience it, but we don't experience it at all because the air above is moving with it at the same speed.

It's far worse than you think. 1000 mph is nothing!

In actual fact, the best guess (it's a really good guess) is that we are moving along with the Milky Way galaxy at approximately 2.1 million kph (1.3 million mph).

But we don't see or experience a moving atmosphere either, so how do we know it moves with the earth?


Because we know the Earth is moving and that the atmosphere doesn't get left behind.

The atmosphere is part of the planet, Dave.

Congrats Clete!

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