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I have to give Lon post of the day because he so skillfully exposes the tactics of his opponent without being nasty. Lon is such a patient debater. The rest of the Christians on here could learn from his style of debate.

And? What are you bragging about? Is this a competition? Does the winner get eternal life?
When I place you back on ignore, this too will be part of why I am doing it.

And He told you to brag that I am no competition for you?
Meshak, look back through the thread: Me a lot of scriptures. You? :nono:
Question: Do actions speak louder than words? :think:


You: Page 1 - No scriptures (that you say you cherish daily)
Me joining in: Page 2 One scriptures Matthew 19:16-24
You: page 2 - No scriptures
You: page 3 - No scriptures (I wasn't on page 3)
You/me: page 4 -No scriptures
You: Page 5 copied my scripture
Me: Page 5 asking you for scriptures John 3:3,5-10
You: Page 6 No Scriptures
Me: Page 6: John 8:18-59
You: Page 7 No Scriptures
Me: Page 7 John 8:24-25 John 5:19-44 with commentary Philippians 2:10,11
You: Page 8 John 6:29 reposted from someone else, no scripture you brought up
You: Page 9 no scriptures
You: Page 10 No Scriptures
Me Not on page 8,9, or10
You: Page 11 No scriptures
Me: Page 11 John 20:28 John 1:1? Most of John 5:19-40? John 8:24 and John 3:1-36
You: Page 12 No Scriptures
Me: Page 12 John 8:24
You: Page 13 No Scriptures
Me: Page 13 Apologizing for giving pos reps :(
You: Page 14 No Scriptures
Me: Page 14 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
You: Page 15 No Scriptures
Me: Still apologizing Proverbs 9:7-8 :(
@john w says "Contrasts, I like them" I learned that from him. He teaches me things, even when he is mean.

​My sincere congrats on a good job.

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