The genesis of the Vaccine misinformation

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Correct anti mandate. I am anti mandate too. The mandates messed the management of Covid up.
Are you against all vaccine mandates or are you only against coronavirus vaccine mandates? After all, various vaccine mandates have existed for centuries in the US. Here is a state-by-state list of all mandates by vaccine:

Masks don't work. People still get sick wearing masks.
The worst case scenario is that some of the cheap masks might only offer 20% protection, but when you've got a virus multiplying exponentially, 20% protection from person to person can slow the spread of a pandemic 10x.

The minute you mandate something, people are going to dig in their heels. The theories may have been started so the left could bring in their mandates and use them to control people. The whole thing is about control.
Massachusetts instituted the first vaccine mandate in 1809. This law authorized local boards of health to require smallpox vaccinations for those over 21. Other states subsequently passed similar legislation:

Were these vaccine mandates started so that the left could control people? If so, those anti-Trumpers sure do know how to play the long game.