toldailytopic: What public figure would you like to meet?


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What public figure would you like to meet?
Intellectual heroes, such as St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Fisher, and Charles Darwin. Also, individuals who were influential in particular areas of interest, like Harry Houdini, Bobby Fischer, Ruy Lopez, Andrew Wyeth---the list could go on.

Gaudium de veritate,

Nick is a communist in comparison to my economic views:p

I was more poking fun at my own extremism here than at Nick, but hey, whatever floats your boat Inzl...

I have to look Peter Kreeft up now. I'll be really upset with myself if he is a liberty activist since I don't know who he is...

Oh, I hate him for that too, although I don't like George W. for his own breeches of privacy too. I don't know where you are politically ("Right wing Zealot" is rather broad, and some would put me in that category while others would say I'm a left wing fanatic, that's pretty much what libertarians get, being called far right and far left depending on who you're talking to) but I know most run of the mill conservatives kind of accepted if not outright supported these types of privacy invasions when Bush did them. Of course, I didn't really know anything about politics until two or three years ago tops, and I feel very differently about the whole system now than I did back then, but being 18 I guess I have a right to have not really understood the issues back during the Bush adminstration:p

Other then the benefits of superior technology, however, Obama has yet to be nearly as tyrannical as one of the figures that was mentioned.

That's not what I was talking about, and most of those people are on Stormfront anyways. I don't think anyone's racist unless they show me that they are. I probably hate Obama as much as even the Stormfront people do, but for different reasons, and for reasons that also apply to George W., the vast majority of our congress and senate on both sides, John McCain, Mitt Romney, exc. (I named those two in particular since they were Obama's opponents in 2008 and 2012 respectively: I'm aware McCain also fits under "The vast majority of the senate.:)

The far right, as typically defined, however, doesn't have such a serious problem with the phone wiretapping, the indefinite detention without trial (They think it will only be used against terrorists), Guantanamo Bay, drone strikes, foreign wars, drug wars, exc.

You guys would probably agree with me a lot of the time, if not all the time, on fiscal issues, and I agree with the right that abortion is evil and should be banned, although I do believe the Constitution grants enforcement of anti-murder laws to the states. But that's probably where it ends. I don't really care much about the gay marriage issue, I strongly support the legalization of drugs, I hate the Patriot Act and the TSA regardless of who's in power, I hate foreign wars regardless of which American President starts them, exc.

I might want to meet Lincoln myself if only to tell him how horrible a person he was. The public school brainwashing about Saint Abraham is just that. Along with Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt Lincoln was one of our worst tyrants. That his war just so happened to coincide with the freeing of the slaves does not justify the killing of over 600,000 people and the suspencion of habeus corpus which led to unjust imprisonment of over 40,000 more. Not to mention that his real goal was not to free the slaves, but to end the possibility of legal secession. Which, if Lincoln had never been born, might be a rather useful solution to some of the modern problems Brother Vinny was talking about.

As for the modern list, I don't happen to be a big fan of Enyart (Open theism, ugh) but at least I can understand why that... but why Tood Akin? Or are you thinking of someon else?

Granted, I don't hate Akin for his gaffe (I don't know much about him politically, if he's an ultra-national security conservative like so many others I'd probably dislike him for different reasons but I absolutely agree with him that abortion in cases of rape and incest should not be legalized) but I just don't see why he's particularly important.

Well, you might not be a communist, but you do hate freedom yourself, so:p

I'd love to meet Ken Ham. Maybe I'd learn something. I'm a YEC but very bad at scientific arguments of this type so that might be helpful.

Neg repping this without any reason stated really just isn't classy, Inzl...

Not that I care. I consider neg rep here to be a sign of honor. So go ahead and give me another one. I dare you...

My reputation is good on RPF, which is all that really matters to me...

Brother Vinny

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Yes, please ask him why he hated Jews so much? :idunno:

It isn't really much of a secret as to why. He thought his rediscovered truth would win the Jews over, and was chagrined when it didn't.

It goes to show even some of the godliest leaders are subject to hubris.


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This changes. Last month I would've said George R. R. Martin. I've since met him.
Did you slap him for the Red Wedding? I don't know what I would have done last Sunday if I hadn't read the book first.

I think right now Neil Gaiman would top my list.
Have you seen his Doctor Who episodes? He's got a few books I need to read, still. I've read all the Sandman books.

Public figures Past: Moses, Apostle Paul, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Johan Sebastian Bach, George Fedric Handel
Present: Bob Enyart, Ken Ham, Todd Aiken
Does it make you jealous that I've met Bob?:p

Jon Stewart.

Which one ? there are more Batmans then 007's
That depends on who you're counting. If only the live action versions they're equal; unless you count that stupid spoof of Casino Royale.

Kevin Conroy is the best of the bunch.

Brother Vinny

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Did you slap him for the Red Wedding? I don't know what I would have done last Sunday if I hadn't read the book first.

I loved the Red Wedding. Catelyn Stark was a bitter woman, made moreso by the death of her husband and the apparent deaths of her younger sons. Also, she hated Jon Snow for reasons beyond his control. For these reasons, I found her POV chapters plodding.

Any anger I feel about the Red Wedding I tend to pin on Walder Frey.

Have you seen his Doctor Who episodes? He's got a few books I need to read, still. I've read all the Sandman books.

Oh, yes. Plus I've read the Sandman books, as well as American Gods, Anansi Boys, and the novel he co-wrote with Terry Prachett, Good Omens. The first book of his I read though was his biography of Douglas Adams, Don't Panic!
Prove it.

Well, I'm guessing you don't count wasting a trillion taxpayer dollars on the War in Iraq as a fiscal issue, but I also want to privatize infrastructure. You support socialized infrastructure. I may be to your left on other issues, but I'm definitely to your right on the economy:p

Heck, the only way you could be to my right on the economy is to be an anarchist, since the only things I want the government to control are the military, police, and courts. And even those I want to be pretty radically downsized/reformed.

I would like to meet Alan Keyes.

I wish Alan Keyes could actually figure out where he stands on Iraq. He kept flip flopping on it. Not being opposed to that war is pretty much a dealbreaker for me.

Mike Huckabee

Well, yeah, I'd like to slap a Christian Fascist across the face as well, but I'm sure that's not what you meant.

I guess I'd settle for calling him an idiot and explaining to him why, in spite of his 2nd amendment views, his adminstration would be yet another one that demonstrates why we NEED the 2nd amendment...

The man worships Federal Police Power and the Military Industrial Complex. No thanks.

BTW: Nick, I don't really think you're a commie, for the record. I was more being silly than serious. I'm well aware that communism actually means abolishing private property rights and the government, not merely being marginally to my left fiscally:p

Economics also aren't my biggest issue with you. We actually mostly agree on that, I think. Its the foreign policy where we seriously break.