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Worms prove The Flood


A greatly revered scientist (not by me) and myself both dsicover worms can build topsoil at the rate of one inch per five years.

GOD designed this to give humans lovely soft grass to walk about on.

The flood 4,350 years ago removed most of the topsoil buioldup and much land has never regenerated any topsoil and vegetation - why?


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And if there were no such thing as erosion, you'd actually have a valid argument. So close, and yet so far...
The problem Bible-rejecters have with evidence is that it contradicts their stupid speculations. Take the Grand Canyon, for example. The only way Bible-rejecters have found to explain the evidence is to postulate that the Kaibab began below sea level and then gradually rose 8,000 feet in elevation while patiently pacing itself while the Colorado River supposedly slowly cut the canyon through rock. That is not scientific fact, but fiction science magic.

While the Grand Canyon was supposedly going through massive tectonic ups and downs, just down the street the land remained unchanged because dinosaur footprints are still here today just where they were formed before the canyon was.