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  • Hi ya....well I do tune in to Russian news but I hadn't heard that, no...I'm not sure what sense to make of it.

    I will get griffed up on it. :)
    No, that's okay, I was just giving you a bit of grief over it. :)

    I'd seen it and thought hey, there's both an S and a C, I can work with that... but I liked the one I put in anyway, so no worries. I'm just glad you posted... I'd been waiting patiently for another turn. :)
    So you're the other one...I thought I was about the only person who liked What Dreams May Come. I don't get the negative response to it by so many, including critics. I thought it had vision.
    oh! my yikes is what you yiked?
    well then!
    hmm i can't remember now...yikes, sorry bout that!
    Thanks, 99lamb. I'm sad about that right now, and I appreciate your kind words a lot, and even though we saw things differently I was appreciating your contributions and the discussion.
    So far I really like it, though you have to get accustomed to the differences. Didn't really bother me. A little frustrating feeling green again. I have the AMD 8. The HP is set up reasonably, but I'm going to tweak it to maximize the potential. I'm not using the touch screen at present. I like a keyboard and I'm fond of my rather nice monitor. :D
    I think what bothers people is that it has a learning curve. You can just jump in but many of the things you grew accustomed to accessing a certain way aren't readily available since there's no start button with the commiserate popup program menu.

    I love it. You can easily flip to a regular desktop window if you have a mind to and once you get the hang of it I doubt you'll want to. I like having the open windows that you can arrange, the easy access to scores of free and useful apps you can pin to your taskbar (in the old view) or those boxes. The disruption is mostly about different shortcuts. Initially, say you wanted to power down. It can be a little more complicated until you put up shortcuts. Have you taken a look at one running it, say at BestBuy yet? You should. I love the way you can pull together so much media in it. Best thing since XP to my mind.
    Eh. I'm tired of doing anything approximating a favor for chrys since I caught him red handed in a lie and then in an attempt to disown it. A handful of posts prior I noted what more than once I've discussed at length with him--the sea change in public opinion and the necessary Constitutional amendment to do for the issue what that process once did for emancipation of the American black.
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