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  • Now that's a long's to hearing from you again at some point and that you're well and contented in the meanwhile. :cheers:
    Perhaps you're right. It seems we approach conversation from two entirely different points of view, which is understandable. I wish you the best. I will continue ask you about the experiment and pray for you. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    PS - It's not so much about hurt feelings, as it is about intellectual virtue...

    In truth, though, I probably take myself and my time much too seriously.:idunno:
    I've run through the Jesus Puzzle website...I try not to judge something on a first reading, or even a second reading. I want to put wrap my head around the concepts, make sure I'm grasping them, and then evaluate their validity. I'm simply trying to take you and your beliefs as seriously as I can. Simply put, it called being fair.

    As to my lack of response, I mentioned that I would be a rather infrequent visitor here over the next little bit. Why does it surprise you that I wouldn't pop in and say I've been looking into it? Most of my posts over the past week or so (and there have been few) have been brief and in thread concerning such serious topics as college football and NFL picks.

    That said, I really don't appreciate the fact that you've openly called me dishonest. Totally frustrating and undeserved...
    My apologizes for "bailing out" of our conversation (I did have some thoughts that I might share at some point), but I began to notice that I didn't like the way I had been interacting with others (here and in the "real" world). So, I decided to take a hiatus. I will be checking my profile page periodically, so if you had a question that you really wanted an answer for, just let me know.

    How is the experiment going? Hadn't heard an update in some time.
    How would you feel about helping me work through the book I mentioned concerning the Jesus Myth? That way you could clarify points of misunderstanding and refute any misstatements, while I will focus on attempting to defend (some) of what the authors are saying. It is a very well-researched work. Here is a amazon preview of it.
    Knight said that we could start a one on one if you will probably be a few days or so before I can really get up and running on this. Ya game?
    Well, the dating of the gospels, the content and import of genuine Pauline epistles, and the usefulness of the church fathers (a topic I don't care too much about) were all broached. We can hone in on one or do something more broad. I'm game for just about anything.
    I'm from Mississippi...moving slowly might qualify me for several jobs back there.

    About starting a new thread, that sounds like a good idea. Do you what me to start it or would you prefer to do the honors?

    I you have to be a member to do a one-on-one?
    I want to address your post line-by-line and I think our discussion could be a fruitful one...but time isn't a luxury I have a lot of right now. Are you willing for it to move slowly? Because I am.
    I found a link to the book I should be able to read it online for free. I posted it in your thread.
    Hope you are well. Not that I think I have much to offer, but let me know if I can help in any way.
    Look at my response to MoMo before you do. I think she raised a few points worth considering and addressing and I hope that I've done a passable job of it. I'm in and out at present. :e4e:
    I think your very interesting....hmmm Iv had a few years of reading Allsmiles thoughts.
    yea!! true, reading slower, an between the lines more carefully, being interested in understanding where people are is a good thing.
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