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  • Hi! Congratulations on your top 50 wins.
    If you are very fond of farm animals, have a gander at my new profile page - cute kids there :wave:
    Did I ever mention my near record shattering LSAT? :eek: Probably not...that's why I'm the Humble-Off Champion, one supposes. :first:

    What do you mean they want the crown back? :squint:
    Rep, when it's allowed, for exposing the RL pretension...even though I can't say I understand why you bother. The poor wee dear is sitting with a particular, hard won idea and isn't likely to move much. He had a seemingly impossible time understanding my essential objection to the loose use of establish and what it would entail/why it would necessarily sail into problematic waters.

    Ah, well. Have fun if he returns. I'll be looking in...
    :think:...we'll have a long discussion over our difference on your last to me, some day....even though I'm a bloody poster child for the point. :chuckle:
    Happy New Year AMR! I hope to have some time soon to catch up on your posts, adn maybe join in with my 2 cents worth.
    Very interesting work in the time thread, by the way. I'd chime in if anyone would leave something for me. :chuckle:
    It's a real advantage for a reader/thinker...I think...or maybe I read it somewhere. :eek: Oh, and I just set out a little something in Observations you might find amusing...sort of. :think:
    I don't know if I have ever met such a person, Nang. I know plenty who take issue with this or that section of the WCF, but I would be hard pressed to believe someone was Reformed who rejected the WCF in its entirety. I have known those that adopt other confessions, that when compared to the WCF, are nearly aligned, except in a few places.

    What do you make of "Reformers" who completely reject the WCF?

    That is, if God existed for an infinite number of moments prior to actual creation, then, in fact, creation has not yet occurred.

    This is one of those truths that is so nakedly unavoidable and yet so poorly understood (apparently) by many that I'm left scratching my it a pay grade problem? I can't say, but it alone should be sufficient to stop the "God subject to time" camp in its tracks. And yet. :idunno:
    The merriest of Christmases to my oldest TOL friend and his brood entire (how are the pups again? :eek:) and the very best of wishes for you all in the new year! :e4e:

    Just settling into reading your one on one. A daring intro. A few concepts tied behind your back, eh? :chuckle:
    BTW, if you click on the avatar of a person who has left you a message it takes you to their profile page where you can respond. By doing it this way, not only can you reference the conversation via the link in the lower right, but it also notifies your recipient of your message. ;)
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