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  • I posted a rather thorough look at John 6:44 in the 'Err on the side of Caution' thread. I'd be interested in your thoughts...
    So you have me by a decade plus a couple of months...:think:

    Man...did they have dirt yet when you were little? :rotfl:

    I kill me. :plain: And no, you don't get to use the "you only hurt..." line. :nono:

    The happy b-day rep will have to wait until the gun is reloaded by that mysterious TOL AI. :chuckle:
    ...well, I was trying and it is in my nature to run in the other direction when I sink my teeth into an issue of appreciable density (to say nothing of the people who tend to swarm it). 18? I'd say that's a step in the right direction and a bit of a moral victory. Nice "take a stroke victim to lunch" photo, by the by. :e4e:
    Not on vacation. Just trying to be more discriminating in when and where I chime in. So many threads seem to be re-treads so I am looking for fresh topics.
    Noted GR has a new thread on God's handling of the the buffet line should be starting any minute. :chew: :TomO: Hopefully this one won't be all vegetables and dessert.
    Oh, you might want to return here and amend Mighty_Duck's handle...:rotfl: I know it's juvenile to chortle and especially give the circumstances, but...
    Well, a couple of hours and a few stiff drinks to separate myself from the issue and I've come full circle...he's completely full of beans, even beyond your objection. I think I captured it here. Good night, old friend.
    That said, he had a point about the nonseq. though he missed the larger implication altogether and I didn't feel like tossing a bone...did you follow much of the argument? Given the volume of cut and paste repetition, I'd understand if you had better things to consider.
    Good grief...consider yourself lucky that you left the :troll: when you did. He's taken his cut and paste show on the road...:plain:

    Oh, and I might take a digital photo of my Supreme Court cert and fling it at you so that you can testify to the veracity of my credentials...yes, he did. :eek:
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