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  • Hey, brother. I appreciate your taking the time to respond to the points I keep bringing up. I know it may get old, but you know me.....old and "deplorable". :chuckle:
    to some of your threads also because I have read only a couple of your threads but I have very much enjoyed learning from what I have read of yours. I just don't get to see a lot of the really great theologians and Christian wisdom because there are so many people on here spouting out garbage and mindless nonsense every moment they can...i think you can definately take a guess at those I mean lol. But the problem when people do that and cover the boards up with their spiritual filth tha it takes away from others beng able to read the real treasures on here and be able to learn about another person's theology because it is hidden deep within a thread
    ahh well I have not been on here long enough to read everything that he has posted. And I definately do not agree with everything that he says but sometimes people make a wise point and it is nice to tell them that. I think it is great to encourage and build eachother up rather than tear eachother down. And since I have not read much of his posts I guess I saw that and I liked the verses. Maybe if you could oint me to some other places where he does not seem wise I could take a look at those and maybe change my opinion since I am new on here and havent had the time to figure out other peoples theology. It would be nice if you could point me .
    thanks, far I did ask this and brought it up in my older thread on blogs, no response so far. Every bit helps ;)
    Excellent article, thanks! I dont know why liberals who claim they care about people, dont care about the abuse of illegals in addition to the crimes - I love that last line:

    The point is that you can be a good liberal and oppose illegal immigration. You can oppose it even if you don't care about increased crime, terrorism, drug smuggling, human trafficking, disease, national identity, national sovereignty, assimilation, the rule of law, or fairness to those who have immigrated legally. But a 'good liberal' who is not concerned with these things is a sorry human being.

    Thats the truth!
    Hi AMR,..I was wondering what criteria works to determine the order list of 'Best Blog' in the Blog section? I looked it over, not sure its the number of blog entries, since they vary, so maybe comments or rating? just curious. I may ask this in my long in-active thread on Blogs - ok, new edit....just asked this in my blog thread here if u wanna add there :)
    Hi AMR,...I just noticed that you were able to make some descriptive notes on your blog on the far right column above the other blog stats, and would also like to add some descriptive notes about my own 'freelightexpress' blog there, to see these features that I was unaware of. I'm a bit ignorant of how to go about that. Any information is appreciated :) - the only neg. is that u don't get any notifications about blog post responses or comments. Thanks for any tips :)
    I've almost gotten into him for that and similar abuse on any number of threads. I've had enough of his posturing. We have too many empty sleeve declaring darlings around here. You have my sympathy, not that you need it or to worry after much of his one-line harrumphing about. :cheers:
    Namaste AMR :) - would u by any chance tell me how to use the 'spoiler'(show) feature in posts (where u can tuck in text or a commentary without having to show it in the visible post), as I've never employed that feature. I'd ask in an appropriate thread on such features so others could profit from the instructions, so u can also refer me to a post in the appropriate thread on the matter. Thanks! - I gather such is just a nice feature of convenience? as in making a post size appear smaller? just curious
    Reposted a Psalmist Christmas wish to carry a missing sentiment around here, too often. A very "Merry Christmas!" to you and to yours, my friend. :cheers:
    Still in the woods but some clearing visible as the fever is gone and dad's numbers are markedly improved from the frightening outlay of last night.
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