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  • Yes, I understood that too. I'm probably somewhere between you two on this issue. He really does have a 'for me' or 'against me' mentality on this. In one sense I agree, No Compromise on God's standards. At the same time, I have to somehow love my gay loved ones to Christ. It probably isn't an issue, one I never see and the other rarely so it isn't like I'm close to them, but I am praying for one's mother to bring Christ to her and am praying the other hears the right things. He was raped as a 3 and 4 year old by a man :( He has homosexual issues because of it, not born this way.
    My dad has just begun his journey, mine took several years. On CFC in 2010 I posted a thread titled "curious about Libertarianism" someone linked to the Libertarian Party platform and I was horrified by the drug legalization part. It was on in late 2011 that I began to actually believe in limiting the government and I wasn't really consistent about it until late 2012. I'm convinced he will see the truth, though.
    For some good News, my dad read all of End the Fed in less than a week and loved it! We've also been having political discussions as we drive to work together. He now thinks that we should never have been in Iraq or Afghanistan and we shouldn't go back. He's also starting to see that Republicans are part of the problem too. Less than two years ago he was criticizing Ron Paul as a "loose cannon" for not endorsing Romney. The transformation is encouraging but not complete. I sense there's the old loyal Republican/neocon in him that takes a while to uproot (it took me a while too).
    I actually made the post about Rusha with TH in mind, who thinks his example is how to show her Christian love. I think we all fail in our witness to some degree or other, and so the best way to love unbelievers, is to stay faithful to gospel truth and keep shouting it loud & clear. I should have responded to TH directly. Sorry.
    Don't send me your pagan views of Scripture. Further correspondence will result with you being reported for harassment.
    It's rather obvious that you are either completely ignorant in regards to what abused women go through or you couldn't care less.

    Those of us who have either lived it or worked with victims understand much better than you ever will.

    Since you felt the need to act like a complete and utter troll by virtue of the neg rep feature, kindly stay off my page.

    YOU are unwelcome here.
    go away please. I call it as I see it Junior. You are a pompous brat. I feel the same for your fate.
    ....and you support Walter Block...who thinks it is ok to sell a child into sexual slavery to avoid that "scenario" of starving to death.
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