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  • In the case of prostitution the law comes into play; if it's illegal then the prostitute knows they're breaking the law. And even if it's not there is enough intrinsically wrong with sexual immorality that those who commit it know it's wrong in their hearts.
    Are they responsible if they know not what they do? And I'm with you on the legal positivists. Those people are annoying and stupid.
    If that is the case then is it not more the laws victimizing citizens? And the cops, and citizens, are just going about as if the laws are not wrong. All because they've been indoctrinated to believe the law is good and just; at least in terms of crime and punishment. People who believe otherwise are few at this time.
    There are only victims if the cop victimizes someone. What qualifies as victimization is the issue.
    How would you deal with water rights in your ideal government? With all land being privately held in your scenerio, could I buy riverside property in CO and dam it so that nothing goes to NV and CA? Who would regulate that?
    CL, this is Russ aka One Ugly Christian. I just posted "Arab language/proof of God found in DNA." Just between you and me, and please don't give it away yet, I don't believe one word from the article I cited. I just love messing with the evolutionists on this site and can't wait to see their reactions :) Thank you for friending me, BTW.
    Prison Break. And sometimes I have movies.

    Did you know Wentworth Miller, the actor in your avatar, is gay?
    Not sure. I don't want to be a policeman, or a soldier.....or airport security or mall cop.
    Opinion over opinion at that point. John the Baptist, when having the opportunity to address military, did not say 'quit.' He said be honest and content with your pay.
    No, you did not deserve the latest ban, and I was glad to see it was short!
    Your posts and fellowship are both important to me, despite our age difference!
    Ha! You are so observant!!!

    I bought a $3 (one-month) subscription, in desperation, just in order to read the Woodshed and find out WHO and what caused Arsenios to be banned a couple of days ago.

    Welcome back from your recent ban . . . the cause of which I was pretty sure about.
    Do better research and stop looking for anecdotal reasons/excuses. Note the areas of problems (cities) and realize where more crime exists, higher cases of problems exist. Learn to be a much better sociologist than reactionary. Reactionary ALWAYS comes with young age and inexperienced skepticm. You are a youngen so need some life experience and horse sense instead of being led by the nose of media and hype. The angry young man will become a more thoughtful and world savvy gentleman in due time. -Lon
    I never really hear anything about Sanford. Duncan is highly underrated though, only Republican still in office who voted against Iraq War.
    I think it wise to keep our eyes and ears to the grindstone. I'm thankful someone will wade through muck the rest of us wish to avoid (for good reason).
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