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  • How is that so? I've never been a pure Libertarian and at most I was at Ron Paul's level, never to the point of many of the LRC contributors.
    Ha, that's a new one! :chuckle: It's like when aCW accuses me of being both a liberal and a right wing nazi ;)
    The error of Arminianism is the root that produced the rotting branch of Dispensationalism. They are one and the same planting of the devil.
    And you whined that we aren't saved. Salvation isnt collective moron, now stop whining on my profile. :loser:
    yes you did, in your op. You said mad adherants arent saved. Are you so much of an idiot you forgot what you said? Maddists believe the gospel of salvation, and know its the only way to be saved.

    You are who cant read, the bible is clear that only Christ saves, and its the gospel that we who are saved believe. There is no other way.

    Want to stop whining on my profile now?
    yes, you were whining and doing what you complained about yourself. I can read just fine, and could care less if you think myself or anyone else is saved, since you aren't my Savior.
    True intelligence and common sense, is the (regenerating) gift of God, for all men are naturally and totally depraved, corrupted, insane, and without ability to reason, due to the effects of sin. That is what we are witnessing in our attempt to just dialogue on TOL, let alone share our faith.
    I have always had a visceral reaction to the idea of torture. At least since I saw them lowering Han Solo onto those nasty looking metal sharp things in The Empire Strikes Back. It is such a repugnant idea that it turns my stomach. The idea that people pay money to watch torture porn dreck like the Saw movies makes me wonder if I was born on the wrong planet, because there's no way I could be of the same species as these barbarians. It's inconceivable to me that a Christian could argue that it's ever acceptable to torture. Even torturers don't deserve to be tortured.

    Now as for the rest of my erstwhile Recon brethren, I don't really recall the subject ever coming up while we were throwing back Guinness stout and roasting down cigars. I imagine a few would deploy some kind of "greater good" defense, while others would question them as to whether the ends justify the means. In other words, a lively Sunday School debate.
    It's always good to know who the torture opponents are in case things get dicey. I don't want to find myself surrounded by armchair sadists.

    Why don't you have chat access? And how can you see what Doom has said on Chat? Just as well, for you do not need to be drawn into this. Doom is destroying himself with God and man, without either you or I participating. I have sent PMs to Knight and Delmar, which will probably go unanswered, but so be it.
    I just sent PM's to Knight and Delmar, begging for them to stop his harassment.
    Hey :)

    I don't recall welcoming you back, so... Welcome Back!

    Forgive my tardiness in do so. Bless you.
    I can only tell you that God saved me from being involved in mystical stuff that was much more dangerous and damaging than I realized at the time. Since I repented from involving myself in such darkness, I have rejected anything to do with it, rarely disclose my experiences, and never excuse it as being harmless.
    I have read some Christian fictions that I have found harmless ( e.g. Blackwell) but they do not hold my interest for very long . . but that is just me. I much more enjoy reading history and biographies.
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