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  • I am not trying to "bury you" in content. A matter as vital as this requires more than a conversation and we would be remiss to ignore what other saints have to say. For that matter the links to my conversations on the very topic are there for consideration and interaction with in a positive or negative fashion.
    Is it a problem for God to know more now than in Moses' time if there is now more to know?

    If you see no problem then what benefit does God derive from knowing more each day?
    Why didn't God just kill everybody as babies that are going to sin and not repent? Why didn't God only make people that would be perfect?

    1. To display His perfect mercy for one reason
    2. To display His justice, love, and mercy

    Sure there are things we cannot answer for they are not revealed. Your questions above do not fall into that category.
    Have you taken the time to formulate the logical steps behind God's creative act you think accurately describe the present state of affairs around us, especially as relates to His presumed lack of knowledge about the future? What do you think is happening as God accretes new knowledge from the actions of His creatures that He could not know about before they actually happened? Did God in Moses' time know less than God in our time? Is this not the only logical conclusion of the view that the future is not known by God?
    Dear Derf, I've been having trouble with my computer too. Sometimes it goes quickly and other times, I have a delay and have to reboot my computer up. If it keeps happening 2nite, I will contact my computer guy to fix it. I will also think about contacting Knight to see if I should start a new thread or not.
    Dear Derf,
    You're welcome for the reps. You are just awesome!! I hope I am an example for others as well. God Bless Your Soul!!
    Hey Derf. No there is no way really, other than as you already choose, in the comment box or with a return pos rep on some post of mine. Either way works. -Lon
    I'm willing, but for what reason would you not want your posts quoted? Can we not have disagreements, even heated ones, and be willing to request and grant forgiveness publicly, if need be? I thought your "Huh?..." response was a good one--it made me think about my not-so-good response. I'm not perfect, and I don't really want to give others the impression that I think I am. But I would like others on this forum to think twice about how they interact with each other.

    What do you think?
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