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  • To be honest, even with adblocker working it wasn't bereft of problems so you may well have a point. Having more than one window open while listening to youtube vids was quite often a pain, something I don't get with IE...

    It occurs with all genres I find no matter how inventive a tag I type in to try and find that certain sound I'm after...if only it was the other way around and the formulaic was not the norm...

    I have decorated it. It just happens to coincide with the format the way it was...:eek:
    I just noticed you had after I replied...:chuckle:

    Problems with Google Chrome and adblocks. I tried deleting the one I had in order to upgrade to the 'plus' one and it just won't let me add the thing or even the basic one after deletion. I'm using IE which I don't mind as it runs smoothly enough for the most part but on here I can't add rep for some reason.

    With music I've been trawling through a lot of electronica/breaks and there's little that's really stood out to be honest. There's so much that follows a generic formula and it's finding that hidden diamond amid the coal as of late...:eek:
    Hey, a few computer woes at the minute but hanging in there. Hope things are well with you? :cheers:
    May chime in your atheist thread.......as I had some inquires if u had interest in non-theist spiritual paths such as Taoism, Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism), paganism, spiritualism, etc. as there are plenty of other streams out there in the Ocean ;)
    I think most of the major brands in that part of the world prefer coffee from Colombia? It would make sense. Maybe the cheaper coffee, the kind where they don't even specify where it's from or don't necessarily advertise it, comes from Brazil? That would be my first guess :p In Europe, cheap coffee could be from Asia and might not even be 100% arabica beans. Not that it matters when there's as much sugar as there is coffee. Seems like a lot of people can't imagine having coffee any other way. I mean, I like a little sugar too, but easy does it.
    I don't think I've ever had coffee from Puerto Rico before! But I think I've heard before how Puerto Rico has a good reputation for fair trade/organic coffee growing.

    I think I like coffee from Kenya the best, though Kona Hawaii is very good (but really expensive) too.
    There we go. Hopefully it should be a bit more comfortable to view now compared to the blindingly bright default colors.

    I should probably fix that :chuckle:

    Also need to change my avatar to take advantage of the maximum size allowed for subscribers.

    How are you?

    Oh, thank you! I've been admiring yours also. I'd like to see a larger version of it. Is it your artwork, or can I google it?

    Or really mess with someone and give them a pos rep but reference their post dismissively as though you rep'd the wrong one...you know, "Can you believe that guy actually wrote that? You guys were right, he's a clueless tool." That'll have the object wondering about "you guys" for a while. :eek:
    Got an email that I needed to read a PM posted to me. While here, just handing out some rep before I depart. BTW, you have my email if you ever want to really, really, chat about your current existential situation.
    My pleasure. It is an interesting topic.

    One thing I did not mention in the last post. I never set foot in church until I was around 24, I was baptized and confirmed (back then most people were regardless of actually going to church). I came to the church through studies of Christianity as part of studying religion to be a teacher.

    :chuckle: Hate it when I do that. But it could be worse. I've had friends contact me now and then to ask why they got a glowing evaluation on a neg rep...:mmph: :eek:
    Similar fashion sense, indeed. :p But the green eyes and scar seem so very characteristic of the much abhorred Lady Katarina... She may need a better disguise.
    I've posted on my own page in reply to someone plenty of times so thought it best to point it out...and to be honest I've just done it with this reply to you until I suddenly noticed...:plain:

    Epics can certainly be engrossing, up to the point where you can be left thinking "oh don't stop now..." :D
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