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  • He's up and down with a runny nose. I'll be glad when the cold and flu season is done. It's been trying so far, but he's in good spirits and mending. One bad respiratory illness and the rest is nagging nonsense and a sensitivity. Been there around his age, so at least I know how to limit the worst and minimize the negative potential.

    I trust you're well? :cheers:
    De nada, though I appear to have been a bit unclear on at least one point (the shaking business) so I've taken a stab at a last answer and then I'll leave off pestering you on the point...for now. :eek:
    No, and the stakes are higher than ever! (Once I finally get around to finishing that pm, you'll see what I mean :eek:)
    Ha! I tried to dive into it, but you wrote a lot! I've read through it a few times but avoided writing until I could pray over it a bit. I saved it and will continue later this week after midterms. :eek: I sort of wanted to get it to you before that thread starts cooking, because then I think you would be in a less frustrated mood when you read it. :chuckle:

    No, he is a student from Colombia. Lovely fellow though. Very funny. We spoke mostly about tacos for an hour, and sandwiches for an hour. Tomorrow after Mass we will talk about tacos & sandwiches for an hour. If no conclusion is reached a mini-synod will be called. :)
    They're worth a listen. Bricolage is one of his earliest and 'Out of' is the last to retain a somewhat similar style if still rather different...

    I just noticed your new thread. I hope it doesn't get derailed by the negative elements...
    Permutations & Supermodified are better examples of his earlier more cut up dark jazz style. Bricolage & Out From Out Where are another two albums in a similar vein. 'Chaos 'Theory' was the beginning of a different approach and although both that and The Foley Room have their moments they lost that exotic edge that made his albums stand out IMO...

    Have you gotten around to kicking this subject off? Sounds intriguing...
    People who want to paint it as Islam will have a logic problem with a religion that has well over a billion adherents. Rather, they should be happy it isn't and quick to support the larger voice that rejects it within Islam.
    Thanks muchly, I rather enjoyed some of that. :) Over all I think I prefer his earlier style but some interesting stuff nevertheless. When's our debate about polytonality kicking off anyway?
    It isn't. :(

    Unless you have a Netflix plan that involves them mailing you physical media like some kind of barbarian. :chuckle:
    Of course. Actually just finished it up on Netflix last week.

    My favorite is still Planet Earth. It doesn't seem right watching something that isn't narrated by Sir David.
    :thumb: Thanks.

    I could only ignore what was right in front of me for so long. I'll tell you one thing though: watching science and nature programs on TV is a lot less of a rationalizing nightmare.
    Well, you're probably aware of my position on the apostate (or, more on the inherent error of apostasy) so I'll remain mum on the movement notion, but I suspect the sinners in the hands of an angry God is only an effective tool during historical moments of privation and abimdance divided along class lines...:think: which could mean we're headed toward another bought of puritanism if the economic line continues. :shocked:

    Else, hell only makes sense to me as a perfection of will, a divorce from the root of the good that feeds the saint and sinner alike in our present, like rain falling among wheat and tares. So it would simply be the natural state from which no other could be derived.
    It's more that I don't accept the general notion about what hell is and what it then must be to its...participants.
    My feelings really haven't changed at all. One could do worse, but I wonder about his priorities. I don't know who of the others who might have become pope would have been better. The only way the church could have been really decisive would have been to choose someone no one (even within the church) would have expected.
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