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    The Atlantic, Political Commentary: Kim Davis Is Winning

    Interesting piece: The Atlantic is pro-LGBTQ and they believe the Davis saga is a formidable political tool:
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    Could Davis be ordered back to jail soon?

    Wonder what her attorney meant? :think: That she will ignore the federal caution?
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    A federal judge has ordered Kim Davis released from jail
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    Confusion about "the law of the land"
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    SCOTUS Blog: A new legal cloud over same-sex marriage in Kentucky?
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    ‘It’s now or never': Texts reveal teen’s efforts to pressure boyfriend into suicide

    I have posted this story before, but am posting this update wondering if these details will change anyone's mind, who thought she was not culpable. :think:
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    Kentucky clerk who refused gay couples taken into federal custody; ordered jailed

    Didn't take long :think:
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    NBC Hypes Poll Showing Liberal Catholics Say Abortion ‘Not a Sin’ - See more at: http

    Sorry about the title extension. :( Media hype and spin, par for the course:
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    Homeland Security’s Peculiar Prosecution of Rentboy

    :think: :think:
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    Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage cited by polygamy case

    Of course , it follows logically:
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    Louisiana State Trooper Dies After Being Shot in the Head

    So sad, and I hope the person who came to his aid will get an honor from Obama? :think: He ought to. If Caitlyn Jenner has courage, then this man has it 100-fold.
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    Ted Cruz’s big problem: There isn’t really an ‘evangelical vote’ right now

    The Washington Post believes there is no unified evangelical voting bloc for Cruz to rally round him. :think: Thoughts?
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    WATCH: TED CRUZ mans booth at Iowa state fair, shuts down LGBTQ actress Ellen Page

    He didn't know who she was, and really ----- who cares about these LGBTQ Hollywood liberal pests??? :mock:
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    Poll: Truce sought between LGBT, religion, but gays lose in 'cultural war' 4-1

    In other words, social conservatives should begin pushing religious liberty; they should "come out of the closet" as the new cause celebre of the oppressed. :think:
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    Humanism now officially recognized as a religion in federal prisons and by U.S. Army