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  • :rapture:

    By the way, I downloaded "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti on the ipod the other day for my training playlist. :up:
    I wish everyone could get saved, sit under EC Hammer a while, and just believe the words. It's so simple. :sigh:
    He left it in my "Private Message area! He claims I neg-repped
    him for calling me "Crabby" I didn't use that word in any neg-rep
    I think he mistook me for somebody else? But, he best watch his
    language around these parts!
    Regarding Nang, I am not wise enough to judge her grasp of Biblical words. I do not agree with her conclusions or her theology. She has not influenced me because we are on completely different wavelengths.
    I read your posts carefully. You make sense to me.
    Thank you for caring about me.
    Hi Heir, regarding Nang, I am in awe of her knowledge of Scripture. This is not the same as wisdom. She is caught in a Calvinist box and she knows that I do not agree with her theology. I'm absolutely killing myself trying to be nice!
    vfirestormv and myself are in a "neg-rep" war! What a character! Student
    X is doing his best to get ol' GM banned! He warned the Mods that they
    better tell me off (this jerk he calls me) OR he's gonna! Oh! oh, wonder
    what that means? Maybe he'll join LA and predict my be-heading?
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