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  • Lon, thanks for the info about his name!! Greek or not, he doesn't always seem to have it together. Especially if he is involved with the Urantia Thread / Book / Pages!! Hopefully he went there to blow them out of the water. They are unbelievers and errant leaders.
    Being selfless is the most selfish thing you can do, when you stop and consider it.

    By which I mean that serving others does more for us than being served. And as our ultimate interest is found in the good, the more selfless we become the more we serve our true happiness and well being.
    Good morning Lon, I'm not checking Theology Online except maybe on a whim that comes once every couple months or so. I have newborn and all (she's almost 5 months now). Feel free to write at brother.bird.Rning@gmail.com if you feel so inclined!
    Hey Lon, I'm enjoying our dialogue. I hope you don't get to feeling like I can't see your points. I do and I think it's all very interesting, and thought provoking. I think there is often mixup regarding physical and spiritual death that can cause confusion on both sides. I do think Jesus is the key here, though. ;)
    Hi Lon. I didn't realize he was using it when I snagged it from the internet. I needed one I could write on, but it's still a little hard to read my "Derf Vader". I was inspired by your "3LonPO". :cheers:

    btw, I appreciate your comments when you use the reputation function, but I haven't figured a decent way to respond directly to them. Is there a way?
    CS can't help himself. Like a couple of others around here whom I've had run-ins with and who hold grudges over it, his personal issues can override what should be more important to him. He'd noted earlier that he thought dealing with nonbelievers was me at my best. . . I suppose having said that the part of him that remains bruised left him compelled to counter it with the out of the blue "Look there goes one Christian after another one" context killer.

    I've asked him to particularly site to a sentence he finds condescending or arrogant and tell me how he would go about phrasing it...but for someone worried about my sensitivity he seems remarkably indifferent to his own. :plain:
    If Christ is the concern.... I will never stand in the way. I won't interfere and I'm resolved in the matter. Son of thunder you are.
    Amen!!!!!! You nailed it. Our counter views fall together at ONE NAME...... :D

    Curiosity may just kill some wayward cats. They just might surrender and die to Him. :D

    As long as HE wins... I'll loose any day.

    He's a special talent. I told him the first time I heard it I thought of the way the ending piano chords washed over me in Miles Davis' Blue in Green. Really something. :)
    It was one of the better conversations for me as well. I'll have to log out to see your latter. I've PM'ed over it. Will see what happens.
    I can't reply to your last on 'is mankind basically good' thread. I've been 'removed from the discussion' ...


    Thanks for the usually cordial conversation though.

    I'm not necessarily saying that Interplanner isn't saved, but he is still filled with unbelief.
    So, to answer your question, I'm not sure. :D
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