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  • :mmph: I was going to use nask as my new word for the day. :think: ...maybe I still will :e4e:
    Meshak :bang: A lot of Christians from different denominations will find themselves agreeing with you in her thread. Even MAD's Keep up the good work.
    Hi Lon!
    I just noticed your rep message.
    I am liking all sides of the conversation also.
    It is showing the different perspectives that can be considered.
    And even with all the differing viewpoints, the thread hasn't turned into a brawl. (((knock on wood))) :chuckle:

    And I liked the point about quotas.
    We got rid of slavery and segregation rules to rid ethnicity privilege, and then turned around and made other rules based on ethnicity privilege.
    This old world ain't dull, that's for sure!
    Never know what will happen next.

    Bless you,
    Sissy (aka Tambora)
    God bless and comfort you, Lon. I've been there and know how that is...but take some measure of comfort in knowing you did the right and harder thing. There comes a time in the life of the stewardship we have with our animal friends when there's no greater expression of love than to end a futile and wasting pain that will only serve the selfish part of us to continue, the part unwilling to part but which will not bear the cost of continuing. Mercy is often harsh in its expression. Be at peace with the peace you brought and the rest of that healing will come in its time.
    See, I think there is some concern, because I've had white friends who couldn't get a job because of a quota. One of them typed about 135 wpm. The other, of color, only 65 wpm. Because 65 wpm was 'acceptable' (not exceptional) he lost the job and was told it was why he lost the job (working for a local college). "Fair" is probably somewhat subjective, but that's why I don't think we can legislate this well. While it strong-arm works, I don't think it really works. From what I have observed, Christ is the only great equalizer. I don't think the law can BUT I wouldn't say it is an informed opinion.
    Hey Lon! Hope that all is going really well for you and that you're joyful. If you want to, post to me on the Creation Thread!! It has slowed down since I demolished the atheists with Biblical Scriptures. Just one verse clobbered them. If you want to know which verse, let me know!
    :chuckle: But AB was playing along if you look at the absurd, dry posts that set all that up, which was all put together on the fly to get to the Republican payoff. :eek:
    I think that's great. :L) Around here there's a yearly gathering of toys for tots and Christmas Angel trees where you can take over a specific request from a child. Marvelous thing.
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