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  • Knight, I accidentally gave Angel a neg rep when I meant to give her a pos. Is there anything you could do about that or do I just need to swing around and be careful the next time?
    Hey, looks like your holding down the fort tonight!! Hope you're having an excellent weekend so far!! I've got to go look at a car 2morrow morning. I'm shopping around for one. My thread is taking off like it's got a life of it's own. I have given up trying to keep up with everyone. I used to make sure I read every post on there and made sure it got replied to. But now, I get on and I'm six pages behind!! Well, it's good to have you here 2nite. Stay Cool!!
    hello Knight, i keep getting a starbucks ad in nearly every thread i view. it starts to load and play, and i can't scroll away from it, thus getting stuck seeing it. i can't read posts. how can we stop this ?
    Dear Knight,

    Thought I'd check in on you and make sure your life is happy!! You've REALLY outdone yourself creating this Forum. It boggles my mind. It's got EVERYTHING here!! I still don't know half of my way around and all that I can do here. Maybe I will operate on my profile page. Hey, I like your new Avatar!! Is that Donna Reed? Well, I hope you had an excellent Easter and Passover {I am still celebrating. I made homemade matzoh bread. Yummm!!}

    May God Always Bless Your Heart And Soul,

    Oh, and the only reason I started an Idol thread was the thought that it might be an in for new traffic, as the program is still popular enough. Not sure if it's working , but it's had a few eyes on it with little comment, so who knows? I'm trying to think of likened threads for the future, things that when googled, etc.
    Glad you decided not to prune Observations during the great purge. :) Did you know it's had around 35k views in the not quite two years since it's been closed? I wrote the closing numbers down and went back today out of curiosity, to see if anyone reads over it. Apparently so. That's...gratifying. Quixote's had about seven thousand views this month. A good way to close out 2014.

    Here's hoping TOL grows by leaps and bounds in the new year. :cheers:
    That said I think the thread would have been a great response to those who constantly go on about having to toe a particular line around here to prosper and find a place. Showing the diversity of opinion in the Hall. Letting people have a window into it...That was my intent. Too bad how it turned out.
    I thought so, but in general I think you're right. If anyone had come to me privately on it and voiced hurt feelings (which never really occurred to me) I'd have abandoned the idea at the outset. Ah, well. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I'm having my first "Jack knows it's Christmas" Christmas here. :) :cheers:
    Let me know if you want the interview thread opened for comments. Your last seemed to indicate it should be, or you weren't thinking about it. :cheers:
    Just stopped in to say "Hi" and wish you and yours "Happy Holidays".

    Slainté :cheers:
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