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  • :cheers: Really starting to like the new digs...your fiddling about with things has helped. The rest is just acclimatizing. I think there's more to like here than in the old skin, especially now that I've found a way to rid it of all that whiteness...does that make me a racist? :think: :eek: do I go about nominating a thread for archiving? My TOL: Quincy's Interview Archive thread should be safely tucked away (if expanded now and again). I think it's an interesting insight on some of the long standing here, like you and Delmar, AMR, Granite, etc... a few of which (like Mary Contrary or Sozo) are regrettably absent for the foreseeable. What say ye?
    Knight, my rep went down from 2,147,625 to 2,146,551 - what happened? I checked a few other members and theirs didn't change.
    Okay, so I was arguing against abortion again and I was thinking about the President crying over gun violence and I think I found a Grisham moment in the following. Give it a look, the point is made right after you see my recitation of women's reasons for having an abortion, here.

    In case you're pressed, I noted the reasons women were giving, many relatively trivial or worse, like the 25% who simply "weren't ready" but were ready enough to end the life of a child. I concluded,

    "Apply the least of them [reasons] to the million plus lives lost to abortion last year and the number is staggering. Or would be to most if you aged them and put them in a schoolyard.

    The President himself would weep over the loss. And he should."
    Fair warning, someone is likely going to complain about my use of the word "jackassery" to describe humanist attacks on time-honored monuments to the beliefs of our founders and most people who died to preserve our union. But I can't think of a better way to say it.'s the link.
    Seems to me that if the Fat Sam's forum was picked up by the "Active Topics" or "Other Topics" panel it would attract more interest in $subscribing$ for those that would be interested in the topics being discussed.
    Hi Knight, I was looking for a way to contact a moderator for a question, I cant find my way around the board too well.

    Is it possible to delete an account, I wanted to ask if you could delete mine, I dont want to participate in online forums so much anymore and will soon be changing my email, so I wanted to be sure I tied up any loose ends where I have been. Can TOL delete my account for me?
    Here's a nice coin-toss smile for the debate, if you need one.

    Hi Knight. I had an idea this morning regarding another way to raise money. My idea was you could offer discounted memberships, the catch is you cannot buy them for yourself. In other words, gifting memberships during the tol-a-thon would be X off. Just a thought. -Q
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