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  • What a joy to read of these changes and opportunities, PPS! And thank you for the kind words.

    The vicarage position sounds exciting.

    Perhaps one day we will find the time to sort out the "in, with, and under" matters of the Supper per Lutheranism. :Clete:
    Thank you for asking. Things have been rough for me the past several months. The wife's illnesses are becoming worse and work has been scarce for me as expenses pile up. Please remember me in your prayers.

    Have you begin some formal graduate studies since we last communicated?
    Yet, great to see you just the same. Also enjoy an encouraging word with/for you too :) His blessings -Lon
    Good to see you here and about. I have remembered you in my prayers. I assume you have begin some formal degree program as that seemed to be one of your interests the last time we communicated.
    Hamartia, for example, as singular articular refers to the condition and state of being, though also referring to any singular specific acting and resulting action as "a" sin. Singular anarthrous refers to the qualitative characteristics and functional activity of singular articular.

    Plural anarthrous then refers to the qualitative characteristics and functional activity of plural articular, but beginning inwardly as that which leads to the verb of "doing" for the "done".

    In this manner, plural anarathrous and (especially) plural articular hamartia "straddle" the verb as action comes forth from inward to outward. Noun (hamartia) to verb (hamartano) to noun/s (hamartiai), resulting in noun/s (hamartema/ta).
    My focus has been to examine how all Greek nouns are anarthrous, to which the article is added. And the anarthrous construct refers to the qualitative characteristics and functional activity of the noun. Greek nouns have the richness of representing the impetus for whatever verbs are associated. Pistis, for instance, has the functional activity of pisteuo within the anarthrous construct itself. So it's not us that believes, but the noun that came from the noun akoe (which was by means of the Rhema of Christ).

    Anarthrous meaning unsegmented then lends the article to being that which segments some particular facet of the nouns qualitative characteristics and/or functional activity. That segmentation by the article can be to nominalize or many other purposes. Cases, of course, make these more explicit.
    Here's something I'd like to toss out for your consideraton and critique. Over the years, I've taken what seems to me to be quite a different approach to a number of things. I think it's because I read the Patristics so prolifically while digesting lexical understanding. I don't have undergrad or graduate degrees in theology, so I'm self-read and self-taught (obviously with the caveat of being a staunch Monergist).

    The very simple consideration I've spent years addressing is the anarthrous Greek noun construct, along with the Greek article. Obviously, the distinction from English is that the former has no indefinite article and the Greek articular is much more significant than the English indefinite article. Nothing new in those basic facts.
    I've genuinely wanted to get away from adversarial and argumentative type discourse. As beneficial as some of that is in ways, it mostly just hardens hearts toward others and toward the Spirit. Constantly dealing with Arians, Unitarians, Dispensationalists, Antinomians, Arminians, and others is not productive most of the time. So I've been offline from TOL for a few months. I only pulled up the TOL window on my iPad inadverantly just now, and saw that I had notifications. I had a decent birthday, and thanks for the well-wishes.
    Well, you laid down the challenge so now it is needed to add some meat to the bones therein. In other words, a comment in reply to your two posted comments would be along the lines, "OK. How should we proceed? Begin please." ;)
    Always willing to review some drafts of your potential responses to this topic, too. amr AT askmrreligion DOT com.
    Very good to hear you are sorting through things and formulating something. The environment is ready for some clarity.
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