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  • I wish ya' did, too! Of course, while we're wishing we might wish for greater things. :noid:
    I don't know that you'd get it with an antenna anyway.
    It's on Direct TV.
    It'll be on again at 11:30 CST on 239 AUDHD.

    "Flowers is purdy. I always thought they was!"

    "I've got a blister on my toe the size of a quarter."-lady friend
    Indeed we are kindred spirits and I know when I write something that you will get it immediately, and .......it's very gratifying. :)
    I didn't feel like having "someone" report me for posting this in the ect forum :plain: :

    It happens.

    But the article did have actual pics of parchments.
    Were they photo-shopped or are they real?

    The Vindolanda tablets

    That someone will self destruct, that someone is nothing more than a bad joke on this board,,,do you really think anyone takes this someone seriously? I think not...This someone has done that to themself. :chuckle:
    I see you're pulling no punches. Praise the Lord I'm on the same side you are. :thumb:
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