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  • Thank you, Sissy!

    Hello and blessings to Captain and LoneStar....and all of yours!
    Sissy, I was not picking on your position, actually the discussion had just began so, I think you didn't take it far enough to explain what exactly you were getting at. I responded as I read it, and I think I may have misunderstood what you were attempting to discuss. I hope I did not offend, I was not taking sides, just posting honestly as I saw it. :)
    Hi Sis! :)

    Got home from jail about 11:00 pm.
    Had another great night.

    I've been busy working as usual and don't have much left over for input here.
    It comes in waves, so I'll likely get active again at some point.

    I pray you and your's are well.

    It's dry here and around fifty fires going on in the state.
    I plan to put a thousand gallon plastic tank on the flat bed truck with a fire pump tomorrow, so I'll be as ready as I can.....just in case.

    Thanks for checkin'!

    LORD bless! :)
    Hey, not ignoring you in the thread. I actually drafted a long one and literally as I was reviewing it bad weather dropped our power enough to reset everything and it was gone...I just can't do that again without a serious break in between...my fault. I heard the thunder, but ignored the ol "save your work".
    Yeah...my bad. Time just goes by so quickly. I did answer GM, but I guess it didn't go through.
    Yep, you nailed it. For some reason the grandkids all want to come to nana's house. Now I'm having to baby proof the house again because I get the combat crawler one morning a week and another one on the way. Just when I can chase them all outside, more pop up. :)
    :thumb: It's not like we can say enough about him. What a guy. The only thing that makes the passing of that sort of man less lamentable is knowing that while the world is lessened today, it was more than amply enriched by the years and influence he had while he walked it.
    Started an In Memoriam in his honor, though thinking about Thomas I decided to let it found a greater work, much as his life did. I know he'd like that. Thanks again for thinking of me and letting me know. I have been on here and FB so infrequently that I'd missed his downturn and wish I hadn't. Life.

    Thanks again, Tam.
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