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  • I see you called somebody, 'stupid' in the chat room! Did
    that make you feel better about yourself? You're not exactly
    another Einstein! Of course, you probably already are aware
    of that though, right?
    Thanks for the warning about my impending doom! It
    was refreshing to say the least! It made you sound
    like a nut! That's the part I liked!
    I have been brought to a place where I believe I could learn from you. I have been wrested from my comfort zone. Feel free to PM me if you're up to talking to me about this.
    No mistake. I'm just not the same sort of :loser: you are. You should be a little more mature . . . it would suit your age better.
    Hi Truster: You can freely use anything I post,
    and don't worry about accredation or sourcing.
    I use the Creative Commons copyright system.

    I would only be concerned if you misrepresented my position on an issue,
    or severely distorted historical facts. If you want to improve materials
    or correct them that would be fine.

    Truth and accuracy first.

    Unless otherwise stated, all original material
    of whatever nature created by Nazaroo and Mr. Scrivener
    is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.


    Truster, you really have some issues with reality. You need to work on those but it is all up to what you want to do, not I.
    Romans 6:22 - the called out ones have a new status and destiny.
    1 Corinthians 6:11 - washed, sanctifed and justified.

    Nowhere in the Scriptures does it say that men cannot be depressed in our pilgramege..... whether mental issue or physical issues. Sinless perfectionism is a harmful doctrine driving one right back to the law. The process of sanctification is ongoing until death, which I'm looking forward to.
    Hi H. No, I'm not living Romans 12:2, as I believe Paul is still speaking to physical Israel (Jews, Romans 11), not those who have already had their hearts and minds changed.
    I am sorry you are so hostile. It seems you are not looking for brethren to love.
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