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I noticed that you live in Kentucky. Are you a hermit? The original KY flag was a tobacco leaf with a Mason jar of 'shine drawn on it.

I'm not a hermit, although I'm not the most social person. Most people here respect your choice to drink or not, if they are drinkers. Many Kentuckians are members of churches that teach drinking alcohol is immoral, like Cambellites. I disagree with them, I don't think it's moral or immoral. I just don't want to do it or be in a place where people are doing it, because it usually doesn't end well. If someone gets upset that I don't drink, I just laugh it off and leave their company. Chances are, we wouldn't get along anyways.

In short, no I'm not a hermit. I don't want to drink and I couldn't care less about peer pressure.


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I was not referencing you, your posts, or this thread, just mocking the posts against alcohol.

All fermented foods contain alcohol, and they are good for you. This is why Paul recommended wine to Timothy. :)

If we had SOZO back, he knows much about that. I would say look him up,, but he used several names, yet was not a troll. Look for him, or ask old members


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I'm not especially inclined to be around people who are drinking, as well. Not because they encourage me to drink, as most people know I do not drink, and why. But because people don't realize how foolish they behave when they're drinking.

I don't mind that they behave foolishly, but when I'm sober, and they aren't, it becomes tedious and annoying rather quickly.

I guess I've been lucky to only hang out with happy drunks, but I LOVE being around tipsy/drunk people when I'm sober.

I'm a recently-converted (meaning, within the last ten years) extrovert, and I'm still sometimes awkward in social situations.

But NOT when I'm the lone sober individual surrounded by happy drunks.
They find everything I say hilarious, it makes me feel popular, and I'm never pressured to drink.

Of course, it's even more entertaining when I'm slightly tipsy, because then EVERYBODY'S laughing at EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY says.


I have a problem with the whole "good Christians don't drink alcohol" bias.

I have met wonderful Christians who always have beer in their fridge, and I have met opinionated, stuck up Christians who haven't touched a drink in hardly their whole lives. I'm not saying they are all that way, but one will notice a bit more humility tends to come from Christians who drink occasionally.

But to the point, the Bible doesn't condemn alcohol, it simply warns against alcoholism and the problems it causes.
I find it ridiculous that despite the Bible stating directly, to your face, to 'drink your wine in cheeriness', there is even a debate at all on this.


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I'm not joking by saying there is an attempt to profile posteres in the questions posed. :plain:

Afraid to let people know exactly where you stand on the issue? You don't have to answer the questions. Dishonest people love to hide behind the veil of ambiguity.


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These three things are good: eating, drinking and being merry.

Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun.