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On free speech:

Well, this is still America (at least today) and that means that if you are offended by someone's lawful and constitutionally protected expression of religious opinion, its up to you to grow up and self-sooth.

The whole idea that people can't bear to hear someone else say something that might challenge their "lifestyle" comes from an infantile lack of emotional self control.

It comes from an inability to deal with someone else's dissenting opinion therefore they demand that they must be protected from having to grow up and live in a world where other people have the right to say that their lifestyle is wrong.

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exactly, too many things today remain unspoken, like America is one big DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. publicly nobody wants to talk unless it's in protest or a tirade of sorts. too many people are too tolerant which makes the left expect EVERYTHING they do to be tolerated - :patrol:

Well said!