Discussion-One on One: Abortion (red77 vs. Turbo)

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From your response, I'm not sure which way you are answering. Does she or does she not have an obligation to support the child at her own expense, and do you answer the same way to compulsory adoption?

That's nothing more than your preference. Giving birth to a child from a rape is a lot to demand of a woman, and some may consider that to be a greater burden, especially if they don't see abortion as murder.
If she is not willing to provide for the baby, why would she want to keep him? You are not making sense.


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If she is not willing to provide for the baby, why would she want to keep him?

You're advocating that she must carry the baby to term, are you not? You are, therefore, requiring her to provide for the child, if only for a limited time.
I think a central issue on abortion is when do our government officials think human life begins. Some politicians think that human life does not begin even after live birth. There’s a question being debated by members of Congress that if an attempted late-term abortion results in a live birth, should all care be taken to preserve the life of the baby? Some politicians argue No! If the original procedure was to be an abortion, the end result should remain an abortion. The live baby should be allowed to die. Some states want laws to force an attempt to save the baby.

Think about this for a minute. It should be a duty of our government to protect the lives of its citizens. If a baby is born live, no matter what the doctor’s intentions are, that live baby, by that time, should be considered a human, and it should become a citizen as soon as it is obvious that is human.

Some people question whether human life begins at conception, and some people have different motives than a purely biological inquiry. If human life never occurs in the womb and some influential politicians argue that human life does not even occur even after live birth, where will those people go with their arguments? How do we teach our children that nobody knows when people become human? At what point between conception and early childhood did our children become American citizens?

Don’t you think all politicians who want our votes to rule our country should hold that we become citizens as soon as we become human? And that is certainly at some point before our live birth.
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