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Instead of reading the book and believing what is written?
So you believe animal farm is a tale of animals that actually talked and formed a government? Well...

No, the author knew his audience would understand the wink, just as people didn't leave Forrest Gump wondering why they never remembered the "real" Gump shaking hands with the president.

The joke is in the name and the ideas which could not have happened, a thing noted in the article snippet I provided from 2005. It's just a literary convention, like a book in the form of a diary that isn't really a diary. Here's another mind blowing fact, many times the author's name on a book isn't their legal name. Sometimes a masculine name will even be used when, and hold onto your hat for this one, the writer is a woman.



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I don't think Dulcinea represents the Church, but every reader will come away with something different and unique to themselves, since the book doesn't just speak to us - we speak to the book. It's a conversation.

Did you know -
Cervantes was in the Battle of Lepanto and lost use of an arm?

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I miss Frank

I do not miss all the drama from that time

eta: Just ran through the first hundred pages - I had forgotten what a hateful little controlling wretch the bananahead was

eta v2: I've been active on FB lately, on groups where I've had a lot of people to block (aka "put on ignore")

FB's blocking system makes you and the person you're blocking invisible to each other - you can't read what they write, they can't read what you write. You don't even have any indication that they've posted. It's a system that works so much better than the ignore system here.
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