Have I gone MAD???


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Am I Mid Acts?
What we believe is irrelevant.
What others say we believe is irrelevant.

What is important is that we honestly represent the word of God and face up to reality when it proves us wrong.

Here's a good guide for anyone entering a debate that seems to divide people along lines of the names their groups have: Ignore terms such as "open," "Calvinist" and "MAD," and focus on what the Bible says.


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Am I Mid Acts?

I've been told a couple of times now, that my stance on books being written to Jews distinguishing carefully 'not to me' makes me MAD. I've been told that appreciating anything a Mid Acts Dispensationalist has to say makes me a MAD sympathizer and likely MAD as well, and I've been told that my view on Grace and no works plants me well within MAD walls. I've been told that If I recognize and agree that Paul's 'Mystery' really was secret before Paul, that I'm with out a doubt of Mid Acts persuasion.
The "Mid-Acts" moniker applies mainly because of how one answers one single question. That question is, "When did the modern church age begin?" If you believe that the Body of Christ and Israel are two different bodies of believers with differing practices, rituals and requirements then it is WHEN you believe that the switch from one to the other happened that makes you Mid-Acts or something else.

Basically, if you believe that the Body of Christ began with the conversion of Saul to Paul in Acts 9 then you're Mid-Acts. If you think that it started in Acts 2 or Acts 28 then you might still be a dispensationalists but not a Mid-Acts Dispensationalists.

In a sense, I've always been Grace plus nothing. I'm told that Grace Theology IS Mid Acts theology.
It isn't the only one but it certainly the most logically consistent one. Mid-Acts folks can even deal easily with the communism that the Twelve and their followers practiced in Acts 4 and 5, which is something no Acts 2 dispensationalist wants to touch with a ten foot pole.

Two weeks ago, one TOL member, while arguing over Sabbath keeping called me Mid Acts, whether I wanted to admit it or not....
An accidental Mid-Acts guy. That would be pretty neat, really!

What is the mark of Mid Acts theology? How best would I know if I am Mid Acts?
See comments above.

I've always enjoyed MidActs discussion (as did AMR btw. I've long since come to realize that Mid Acts is nowise heresy or hetrodox as far as 10 years ago. It would surprise me if I fall within the acceptance of Mid Acts fellowship but I'm not opposed to the idea, just wondering what I really do have in common. Thanks for your ear. -Lon
Mid-Acts churches are very few and very far between so if you found one, you'd do well to attend even if you didn't agree with every single thing they teach. At the very least, you'll have found a group of people who are very loyal to the word of God and who are interested only in doctrinal claims that can be clearly established.

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