How cows evolved into whales.


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If you were in an anti-gravity device would still expect gravity to keep you on the ground? How would you know that it won't?
Before I saw the device in action, I would assume that gravity would work. Once I saw evidence that the device defies gravity, I would change my understanding of when gravity works, so that it incorporates the effect of that device.

No proof. Understanding changes with the changing evidence. The methodology is the same.

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BTW, the theory of evolution is somewhat more firmly established than any theory of gravity.

Both evolutionary and gravitational theory can make testable predictions which have been confirmed. But we still don't know why gravity works, while we know in detail why evolution works.

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I don't know what I would do, if my faith in God required me to choose between Him and the truth.

When is He not the truth?

As I said, He's not the kind of God Who would make us choose between Him and the truth.

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The evolution of the whale has been a great mystery. How did a large, big-brained, air-breathing, warm-blooded mammal that gives birth to live young, come to live entirely in water, when other mammals evolved on land?

It has been theorized that the whale evolved from a creature similar to a cow. Approximately forty million years ago cows began venturing into the water for various reasons and lo and behold... the whale was produced!

And now through the magic of computer generated graphics (CG) this amazing story of evolution can finally be told.

oh, the humanity!

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