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All nonsensical gibberish that the bible does not teach (but that Plato did teach). God is neither omniscient nor omnipresent and is only omnipotent to the extent that He hasn't delegated power to others.

God can do anything that is doable. God CANNOT do the absurd. He cannot stop being God, for example, nor can He create a contradiction like perfectly round spheres with flat sides and sharp corners or go to a place that does not exist.

All power that exists has God as it's ultimate source but does not all reside with God now as He has given (delegated) power to others, which is His right as is the ability to recall that power at will.

God knows what He wants to know of that which is knowable.

God is everywhere He wants to be but is in no place that He desires to be absent from.

And lastly, it is laughably false to say anything even similar to "Both omniscience and omnipresence are based off God's omnipotence."! That is so far away from being right that it's just impossible to believe that you've even bothered to pretend like you're educating yourself on the subject. All of the omni-attributes of God come from Plato and Aristotle. That's why they call it Classical Theism. The logical basis of which is not the notion that God is omnipotent but that God cannot change in any way whatsoever. The classical understanding of divine immutability is the foundation upon which every single Calvinist distinctive doctrine and many Augustinian (i.e. Catholic) doctrines are based, including all of the Omni-attributes. In fact, Calvinism and nothing more than reformed Augustinianism, especially in regards to Calvinist Theology Proper (i.e. the attributes of God). And there isn't a single syllable of it that is biblical or even rational for that matter.


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