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Apparently the Apostles, and all the Jews and Gentiles they expressed the Faith to, did not follow Paul, but worshiped God.

Can I worship God if I do not worship Paul?


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We are also willing to let any other unbeliever or follower of another religion post here if they are honestly seeking an answer to a question or have constructive input to the discussion. In other words... if an atheist has a question about God and he asks it in an honest, upfront way we will gladly deal with that question without booting him out of the forum.

Said in short...
This particular forum will be dedicated to debating biblical issues without debating the legitimacy of the Bible itself.

There are plenty of other forums here at TOL for debating the legitimacy of the Bible.

And unlike morality the above rules and guidelines are very SUBJECTIVE so we ask that you honor our moderators requests if your input if out of line for this particular forum.

If you have any questions regarding these new guidelines please ask them on this thread.

This one. If it continues with banter and vitriol isn't up to TOL standards for exclusively Christian debate and discussion. The Exclusive section is open for honest debate, not drive bys or trolling to get members to take bait for what isn't genuine. "Trinitarians are murderous? " Nobody will debate? Both are vitriolic. That he has to lie he is a Muslim to get discussion? While TOL is open to 'other' in this section, I'm not sure we are purposefully open to this kind of charade in guise of debate/discussion. There doesn't seem, to me, to be a reason for it to be placed in exclusive other than baiting 'exclusive' as a challenge. I don't believe exclusive is set up this way unless he can honestly listen to answers. He is here to challenge exclusive Christians, not 'be' one. THat isn't the goal of this section of the forum. -Lon have the ENTIRE rest of TheologyOnline to post in.

Several years ago we created the Exclusively Christian Forum based on the requests of our overwhelmingly Christian membership. They wanted just one forum where they could discuss Christian topics without the typical distractions. I think that's fair.

I really couldn't care less that you don't like my rules. And if you reject my rules I will simply ban you from the forum. And sorry to say but that doesn't bother me in the least.


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What Lon has been trying to do here has precedence. It is not the first time people associated with forums and organizations have tried to shut down conversations questioning what is considered by some to be traditional doctrine.

Greg Boyd explained the reaction to his exploration of open theism.

"My first encounter with the “backlash” you mentioned took place in the mid-90’s when John Piper launched a public crusade to get me fired from Bethel University and to have my church kicked out of the Baptist General Conference on the grounds that I was a “heretic.” There were also attempts by some to force publishers to stop publishing my books and for Christians to boycott bookstores that sold them. Hundreds of pastors signed a petition to get me fired, with only one of them taking the time to ask me what I actually believed and why I believed it."

At this time, Greg Boyd had not even half-way developed his Open Theism beliefs and his first book on the subject was in the year 2000.

In 2003, the Evangelical Theological Society voted on ejecting Pinnock and Sanders. The majority voted to eject Sanders, however not enough to succeed. They tried to eject Greg Boyd but found that his membership lapsed. In 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention modified their faith and message to say "and His perfect knowledge extends to all things, past, present, and future, including the future decisions of His free creatures." People in these organizations are shutting down the conversation before they even begin.

Similar things have happened online. If you examine other forums, you will find that most of them either outright eject open theists or they force them into the section for atheists. This is exactly what Lon is trying to have done to me on this forum. However, from what I understand, Knight created this forum because there was not a place to truly discuss theology elsewhere.

The problem is that when one allows for a number of different people, conversations about Biblical matters continually get interrupted, by those like atheists primarily but also Muslims and others who do not believe the Bible is inspired scripture. Others disbelieve in whole books or sections of the Bible. This becomes problematic if one refers to James and the opposing side suddenly declares that the book of James isn't inspired.

As a result, many discussions devolved into arguments over the inspiration of scripture or the existence of God or one had to continually skip over people who would spam such into a thread. From what I can understand, this is why the Exclusively Christian Forum was created. Knight wanted only those who considered themselves Christian and considered the Bible to be the inspired word of God to have a place to post. He admitted that this would create a bigger tent than many - like Lon - would want. But as he said, "That is a good thing for a healthy debate".

One last thing - Lon has libeled me by implying that I don't consider the Bible to be inspired by God. I have not posted anything of the sort nor do I believe anything of the sort.