toldailytopic: Benghazi? The IRS Scandal? AP Phonegate? What is potentially the most


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The TOPIC OF THE DAY for May 15th, 2013 05:00 AM

toldailytopic: Benghazi? The IRS Scandal? AP Phonegate? What is potentially the most damaging scandal to the Obama Administration?

I am most concerned about the AP scandal now. The administration needs to control leaks, but invading an important news organization and stealing their records is overstepping their bounds. It should have confined its investigation to within the government and the behavior of its people. A news organization, to be free, has to protect its sources, and not have itself be inspected by the government. Also related to this is their prosecution of 6 whistle-blowers. Apparently though, there has been some legislation passed that could stop this practice, according to the 2nd guests this week on Moyers

The IRS was not appropriate in flagging certain groups like tea party and "patriot" organizations when ruling on tax exempt status applications, or holding it up longer than for other groups. It may have been the fault of IRS employees who had a surge of such applications to process in 2010, rather than deliberate targeting. And such groups, regardless of their political views, should not really be getting tax exempt status anyway. The tea party and other conservatives groups are trying to hide the sources of their money. Targeting was not done by Obama, and he is acting to correct the practices in a forthright way, although some say he waited too long and thus allowed it to become a public scandal.

The state dept and CIA folks who altered the talking points about the Benghazi attack in the first week, did not want to give credit to Al Qaeda until they were sure who was behind the attack. There was no cover up, but there are still some concerns about why the office was not better protected, as the officers there requested.


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I'm guessing the republicans are now feverishly trying to find a way to blame Clinton for the congressional reduction in embassy security.

Or at least find a way to deflect blame from themselves.

Should be interesting.

No worry after the show they will be having cocktails together and laughing behind the curtain at the populace peanut gallery who thinks its all real.