toldailytopic: Does God help some athletes more than others in sports?

Nathon Detroit

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toldailytopic: Does God help some athletes more than others in sports?

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toldailytopic: Does God help some athletes more than others in sports?
I believe that having faith in God helps most people live better, happier, and healthier lives. So I would say that, yes, God helps athletes to be better at their sport.

Brother Vinny

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I'm going to go with "No," as far as direct help is concerned. God has gifted some at birth with greater talents than others, and these talents can either be honed or neglected.

But if you're asking if God answers the prayer of the team asking for the big win on game day, then my answer is no. I don't think God even cares about artificial struggles.

Unless it's OU playing. God's a known Sooner fan.


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If I ever pray before a match I will pray "God save this team. May what they do and who they are glorify You."

And if that one gets answered I'll switch "save" to "bless".

After that, it's up to the players and their training.


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Nope. God does not micromanage the lives of athletes. Win or lose is up to the skill, training, and conditions out on the field. Even things that look like dumb luck can be chalked up to fatigue on the part of the opposing time or even field conditions (the ball does a strange bounce off a rock).


They went to Baltimore. :chuckle:

And Miami



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I would say yes, because when we are close to God in that we heed instead of greiving His Spirit, we feel better and athletics certainly demand ones best.

So the person who knows Christ vs the one who doesn't acknowledge God will certainly fare better at anything they do.
I would think that a god who has the power to influence events and cares more about the performance of an athlete than that of the plight of thousands of starving or otherwise suffering human beings is contemptible and unworthy of any worship or praise.