toldailytopic: TOL members superpowers.

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Arthur Brain

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ASC has the ability to dig himself from a shallow grave into the crust of the earth...

zoo22 has an unsurpassed ability for understated sarcasm....

Bybee has the ability to make me reach for a dictionary....and thesaurus....

So does TH....

Selaphiel, Alate One, Barbarian, Noguru, PB have the ability to combine rationality with belief and science.

And ragtag has the ability to misspell on any given occasion. Loads more I'm missing but who cares what I think anyway.....



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fool has the power to make people spit their drinks all over themselves and their computer screen

and occasionally wet themselves.......


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Arthur Brain has the power of great taste in music. He also has the power to take out multiple armored knights:

Traditio has the ability to infuriate me at times, but I still read his posts.


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I have the power to be wrong a hundred times, and still be "right"eous!

I have the power to die a thousand deaths, and still live forever.

I have the power to sin a Zillion times, and still be forgiven!

Through Christ my righteousness, my Life, my propitiation!

I don't think anyone can top that.:)

Unless they sin more than me!


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Well, if we were speaking of powers we would like to have, I'd love to manipulate light, and even make myself into light...

Powers that members actually have...:idunno:

Nick M

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NickM, godrulz, lighthouse, thepsalmist,...have the power to inspire me to read the Word more often.

I can't believe I didn't notice this the first time. That is too funny. He only quotes the Bible when necessary, he prefers credible commentaries. Which happens to be his power. To use a great many words while saying absolutely nothing.

godrulz in various threads said:
"I quote the bible when necessary...(forget exact verse).. I have books in my library that refute you in detail that you cannot refute. They do a better job than I would in a few posts…...Google may also help....If you study biblical theology (looking at books, authors, etc.) instead of systematic theology or ultradispensationalism, you would see that... As it is, commentators disagree on… I believe sound evangelical scholarship totally refutes what you are saying … He is not worth reading in light of the sound scholarship that exists ..Sound NT scholarship recognizes.... Whole books have been written on it… The vast majority of godly Christians have not heard of MAD. The best of conservative, biblical, evangelical scholarship rejects it if they have heard of it…. Exact reference again? Did you check other versions or a commentary?... Buy a good commentary for the various opinions on… Hermeneutical books point out that… Even in your traditional view, scholars do not express your issues…I am not an expert on MAD and do not consider it a prominent enough view to gain much academic attention…Sound NT scholarship comes to different conclusions…Who was the prominent author (s) who held to it in your movement?.. I think you will be hard pressed to find commentators who would agree with you…As the Bible Knowledge Commentary points out,… it is not even on the radar of credible NT scholars…. I can't condense 30 years of study from a variety of sources into a few posts… any credible commentary or systematic theology will give you the arguments and verses…. I agree with the commentary. .. Listen to the Doctor (D. M. L-Jones), not radio preachers with weak NT backgrounds. …There is a reason it is a marginal view that lacks credibility among NT scholars…"Feel free to refute the many books written that contradict your views…. There is a reason no NT scholar… It is enough solid scholarship to silence MAD… an ignorant JW who blindly follows an organization or their misquoting of our scholars…. You underestimate the caliber of scholars that God has raised up to keep the sheep from falling for false teaching and ignorance on important subjects. Why should I trust you as an expert on things, and reject those with proven track records and godly character/insights? Eph. 4:11-13 vs internet wannabees with no training or accountability…Any credible biblical theology of John and Paul or any credible commentary or NT scholar or average believer has no problem with I Jn. vs Paul.....There are many resources to help you, but you prefer fringe writers over ones that can give you more biblical answers….but I should ignore more credible sources and their documented evidence? Why, pray tell?!.... What school did you go to again?... I went to Bible College in the early 80s, but have no scholastic club except TOL (which is not very scholastic)...MAD confuses corporate, missional issues with individual, redemptive issues....I did not read this in a book
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