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Nathon Detroit

Ok, TOL'ers and TruthSmackers the Hall of Fame is now open. The Hall of Fame will not be open for new threads (you cannot start a new thread in here). The Hall of Fame will be used to place existing threads.... that we at TOL or you (the participant) believe to be worthy of Hall of Fame status.

Here is how it works...
If you know of a thread that you believe is worthy of Hall of Fame status simply send Crow :crow: (via private message) a link to the thread and a paragraph explaining to her why you feel the thread belongs in the Hall of Fame. In other words... tell :crow: in your own words why you think this thread is so great. Maybe there was a good exchange between a atheist and a theist or maybe there was some really funny posts or maybe the thread was legendary for another reason. Keep in mind Crow may be using the paragraph you send her as an explanation for the Hall of Fame thread either here at TOL or possibly in an upcoming "Best of TOL" book so make your write up count!

Crow will review your submission and decide if your thread belongs in the Hall of Fame. We will NOT be accepting just any old thread. Only the best of the best threads will gain entry into the Hall of Fame.

You do not need to be the "thread starter" to submit a thread to the Hall of Fame, in fact you can submit any thread even if you didn't participate in the thread.

Some threads will not be eligible for Hall of Fame status i.e., Battle Royale threads (I want to keep those where they are).

And please do not submit threads just for the sake of submitting them.... I do not want Crow to be bogged down with unworthy submissions. And also... please check to make sure the thread you are submitting isn't ALREADY in the Hall of Fame!

And finally...
Please do not submit threads that are new and are just developing. The Hall of Fame is for classic threads that have long since cooled off.

Thanks and have fun!
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Just for clarification, threads that will not be considered are Battle Royal threads. How about TOL News threads? Or reports? These should not be sent to you either? Just clarifing?



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This is a great addition to TOL. Now, new & old members alike will have the opportunity to read some truly classic threads! :up:


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Along with the Hall of Fame threads you ought to have a thread of the Hall of Fame of TOL posters who excelled in truthsmacking over the years!
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Originally posted by Freak
You run the risk of people destroying a good thread with nonsense.
I think you are assuming that the thread is not already nonsense.
Or that a "good thread" cannot be made better with the additional input.