Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 3

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Unlike the UK the state and church are separate in the U.S. I don't think that your Founding Fathers aCW were particularly keen to enshrine the same kind of theocratic doctrine and control that they had escaped from in Europe.
Probably very wise too.
Religion is the power to control, something recognised by Karl Marx too I believe.

The important thing to remember is that we as a nation are given rights from God, not from man.

Unalienable vs Inalienable Rights

Regarding homosexuality:
It's already been discussed how the Founding Fathers felt about homosexuality (like God, they abhorred it, in fact Jefferson proposed a bill to castrate homosexuals).


Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and cozy inside when adults encourage a child (this boy was referred to as a "tween", which is between the ages of 10 and 12 years old) to pursue a life of disease and misery, a behavior that all too often leads to an early death?

Inspiring Responses to Gay Kid’s Heartbreaking Confession

July 6, 2015


After a gay kid opened up on Facebook about his fear of what his future held, the Internet exploded with encouragement, and even Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres weighed in. (Photo: Humans of New York/Facebook)

Mean-spirited trolls and bullies have given social media a nasty reputation. But sometimes a post goes crazy viral and reveals just how encouraging and inspiring the internet can be.

Case in point: a recent post on the Facebook page of Humans of New York, a site that features photos and short interviews with local citizens who reveal their thoughts. On July 2, an image of a distraught, unnamed kid sitting on a stoop near tears went up with this caption: “I’m homosexual and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me.“

Something about this post touched a nerve with readers — maybe it was the photo of a kid on the brink of tears, or perhaps it was the sense of despair behind the quote, a reminder that LGBT youths still have it rough, even with the Supreme Court victory that just affirmed the right of same-sex couples to marry in every state.

Whatever it was, the post instantly went viral. After briefly being removed by Facebook (a Facebook rep said it was an accident triggered by a computer bug), the teen’s post has since racked up an incredible 624,000 likes and 59,000 shares.

Read more:

Here are just a couple of the things that you have to look forward to young fella:


Oh, and if you decide that homosexuality isn't the behavior/lifestyle for you down the road, tough luck, it's illegal in several states (and will be nationwide) to seek therapy to help you change.

White House seeks ban on gay and gender identity conversion therapies


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The important thing to remember is that we as a nation are given rights from God, not from man.
Because you may believe that aCW doesn't actually make it true, in fact I believe you are in all probably wrong.

Unalienable vs Inalienable Rights

Regarding homosexuality:
It's already been discussed how the Founding Fathers felt about homosexuality (like God, they abhorred it, in fact Jefferson proposed a bill to castrate homosexuals).
Clearly then not all of us have since moved on from the days of burning witches, heretics and demonic possession aCW.:rolleyes:
Perhaps we should try to be more enlightened and tolerant these days, not ignorant, scared, homophobic and cruel?
Thomas Jefferson actually advocated dismemberment of homosexuals in Virginia, perhaps you would like to let him be our guide today aCW?
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The Horn

If you say our rights "come from God", you are actually saying that YOU want to decide what our rights are . Where has "God" specified our rights ? Nowhere .
If you're opposed to same sex marriage and claim that God does not want same sex couples to have the right to marry, you're just saying that YOU don't want same sex marriage to be illegal .
Has God come down from heaven and told us gay people should not be allowed from marriage . Not that I've heard .
Remember this quote by Susan B. Anthony : " I distrust those who claim to know so well what God wants them to do, since I notice it always coincides with their own desires ."


Originally Posted by aCultureWarrior
The important thing to remember is that we as a nation are given rights from God, not from man.

Because you may believe that aCW doesn't actually make it true, in fact I believe you are in all probably wrong.

Clearly then not all of us have since moved on from the days of burning witches, heretics and demonic possession aCW.:rolleyes:
Perhaps we should try to be more enlightened and tolerant these days, not ignorant, scared, homophobic and cruel?
Thomas Jefferson actually advocated dismemberment of homosexuals in Virginia, perhaps you would like to let him be our guide today aCW?

If you say our rights "come from God", you are actually saying that YOU want to decide what our rights are . Where has "God" specified our rights ? Nowhere .
If you're opposed to same sex marriage and claim that God does not want same sex couples to have the right to marry, you're just saying that YOU don't want same sex marriage to be illegal .
Has God come down from heaven and told us gay people should not be allowed from marriage . Not that I've heard .
Remember this quote by Susan B. Anthony : " I distrust those who claim to know so well what God wants them to do, since I notice it always coincides with their own desires ."

I didn't say that our rights from God, the great men who founded this constitutional republic stated it in their personal letters, speeches and more importantly in our country's founding documents.

My point is: nowhere did the founders of this once great nation ever indicate that a sexual perversion such as homosexuality is some kind of "right" (they found the subject itself so disgusting that it wasn't to be mentioned in decent company). The people who are being persecuted by the government backed LGBTQueer/NAMBLA movement for speaking out against homosexuality are the ones who were given unalienable rights, i.e. the right to worship God freely without being persecuted.

If you're going to claim that the Constitution of the United States is on the side of a bunch of drag queens, bull dykes and fairies, then you couldn't be more wrong (but then why ruin a perfectly good record on being wrong).


I must say that I am very disappointed in De Horn, Al the atheist, GFR7 (and his sidekick musteron), Art Brain, TracerBullet, WizardofOz (aka Aaron, aka Captain Obvious), annadettinini, Rusha, Town Heretic and the dozens of defenders of sodomy that have posted in this 3 part thread for not coming out in support of that 10-12 year old boy (in my above post: http://www.theologyonline.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4376243&postcount=9023 )

who bravely admitted that he is a homosexual (a behavior which I recall is supposed to be for "consenting adults").

Since no one has been brave enough to come forward I guess I should lead the thread is a big hip hip hooray!




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I didn't say that our rights from God, the great men who founded this constitutional republic stated it in their personal letters, speeches and more importantly in our country's founding documents.

My point is: nowhere did the founders of this once great nation ever indicate that a sexual perversion such as homosexuality is some kind of "right" (they found the subject itself so disgusting that it wasn't to be mentioned in decent company). The people who are being persecuted by the government backed LGBTQueer/NAMBLA movement for speaking out against homosexuality are the ones who were given unalienable rights, i.e. the right to worship God freely without being persecuted.

If you're going to claim that the Constitution of the United States is on the side of a bunch of drag queens, bull dykes and fairies, then you couldn't be more wrong (but then why ruin a perfectly good record on being wrong).
There's no escaping the fact that some people just are LGBTBLT whatever, whether you like it or not aCW. That being the case should the potential might of a majority make it right for them to conclude that subjugation of a minority is reasonable?
Gay people will simply remain a limited percentage of the population just as it always was. The only difference today is that gay people are now allowed to express themselves since there are more enlightened people around today who can see past their own potential for bigotry, who can even appreciate other people's differences with good humour and tolerance, not look for contrived excuses to have them removed.


I've been somewhat lazy on updating the table of contents, hence the reason Part 3 of this thread has gone into 600+ pages.

I'm closing the thread, returning to open it up long enough to post the updated table of contents, and returning with Part 4 of "Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized!" after a much needed vacation.

Look for Part 4 in mid to late August, and check out the updated table of contents before then.

Remember that the culture war is far from over my friends!





In these 20 pages amongst other things we've talked about HIV/AIDS being a 'gay' disease and how expensive it is for the American taxpayer to pay for medication for these poor lost souls who are literally living a death sentence.

I've posted a couple of articles on how republican presidential nominee Ben Carson backed down on the subject of homosexuality after being pressured by the LGBTQueer backed mainstream media and how supposed Republican frontrunner Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with homosexual advisers (hence the reason it's so important to get involved at the grassroots level).

As I've been doing lately in the table of contents I've highlighted in red some articles that are a must read, such as what you can do at the local level to make a huge difference when it comes to politics.

For those of you who are still questioning what causes homosexual desires, I've linked some articles showing how a dysfunctional upbringing (rape, fatherless home, being raised by homosexuals) plays a major role in same sex desires.

Table of contents for pages 401-420


In these 60 pages numerous subjects were talked about. There are several posts on why I like Ted Cruz as a Presidential candidate (and a couple revealing the true identity of Libertarian Rand Paul). Obama's childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis was discussed, along with Obama's transvestite nanny. I linked a very informative article on child molestation (which as shown and will continue to be shown in Part 4 is a huge part of the LGBTQueer movement) and several testimonies by EX homosexuals (the LGBTQueer's movement worst enemy). The short lived legislation of Indiana's religious freedom act was discussed, and how the ever so tolerant LGBTQueer movement was going to boycott the entire state if it was implemented.

Table of contents for pages 421-480

AIDS Seminar Highlights Dangers of Condoms; page 422, post #6318

Gore Vidal, Child Molester: Helped Found, Was Active in NAMBLA (who in homosexualist GFR7's mind "was a highly intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining person on many levels"; page 427, post #6403

This I Believe (The Creed), Youtube video; page 428, post #6410

U.S. Senate Candidate says ‘Gays’ are ‘Gods,’ calls for Armed ‘LGBT Squads’; page 432, post #6469

'I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children -- And I'm Not Sorry' (Canadian homosexual activist S. Bear Bergman is honest about recruiting children); page 437, post #6548

National Organization of Marriage's Brian Brown gives accolades to two proud and unrepentant homosexuals; page 437, post #6549

American Family Association bigotry map of LGBTQ organizations ; page 437, post #6553

The Real ‘Rape Culture': U.S. Universities Hotbeds for Child Rape, Trafficking; page 440, post #6588

aCW responds to questions/statement by zoo22 and Ask Mr. Religion as to why he started this thread; page 443, post #'s 6635 and 6636

Arthur Rimbaud: a relative to be proud of; page 444, post #6653

GFR7: professional con artist; page 446, post #6676

Ted Cruz looks to revive the evangelical fervor of the 80s; page 446, post #6678

Obama Gives Interview to Gay Porn Outlet (Huffington Post); page 446, post #6686

Ted Cruz Just Disqualified Himself for President (according to the homosexual porn outlet Huffington Post); page 446, post #6688

Ted Cruz speaks at Liberty University (Youtube video); page 447, post #6698

Media Missiles Launched at Cruz Misfire (Don Feder article: "...with this Texan, what you see is what you get"); page 450, post #6736

Ted Cruz's debate skills (look forward to seeing him debate others); page 450, post #6742

NCAA Worried Gay Players Won’t Be Able to Buy Wedding Cakes from Christian Bakeries in Indiana (the boycott of Indiana's short lived religious freedom legislation); page 450, post #6745, page 451, post #6765

Remember When Democrats Used To Support Religious Freedom? Remarks on Signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993; page 453, post #6781

aCW reviews 'gay' culture and how the LGBTQueer movement complains about public sex police arrest stings: "Shining the Light of Justice on 'Bag-A-Fag' Stings"; page 453, post # 6786

Children get a taste of homosexual "culture"; page 454, post #6797

Lesbian author and pretend Christian Kittredge Cherry mocks Jesus by portraying him as a homosexual (HuffPo article); page 454, post #6799

Angie’s List Haunted By Huge Fraud Lawsuit As It Criticizes Indiana Religious Freedom Act; page 458, post #6859

[Libertarian] Rand Paul and the ‘Moral Crisis’ of Gay Marriage: A Timeline; page 458, post # 6864

New York branch of Boy Scouts of America hires gay adult employee — defying national leadership; page 461, post #6901

Ted Cruz is attacking the Fortune 500 [for their support of same-sex supposed "rights"], and that’s smart politics; page 461, post #6902

State Sodomy Laws Continue To Target LGBT Americans (laws against homosexuality are still on the books in many States); page 461, post #6905

AIDS Kills 7,000 Gay Men In The U.S. Each Year; page 461, post #6910

"Nicer than God", a review of Bob Enyart's article; page 462, post #6917

lovemeorhateme (aka Pete) on consenting relationships and being disrespectful towards Dan Savage; page 462, post #6957

$840K raised for Indiana pizzeria that backed religious law; page 466, post #6985

A review of CDC findings on syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and HPV infections; page 466, post #6987

Boys, Pedophiles: The Silent Sexual Assault; page 467, post #6991

Lawyers say Jacko paid $200M in hush money to ‘victims’; page 467, post #6999; converted to Islam; page 468, post #7013

The drag queens known as "The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" celebrate the resurrection of Christ with their annual "Hunky Jesus Contest" (Youtube video); page 468, post #7018http://www.theologyonline.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4282554&postcount=7018

Barry Manilow secretly wed longtime manager Garry Kief last year: report; page 469, post #7029

Cuban [LGBTQueer] activists welcome normalized relations between U.S. and Cuba; page 470, post #7049

Bryan Fischer: Rand Paul's view of marriage would be a disaster for America; page 471, post #7061

Stronger Families, Stronger Societies; William Bennett talks about the importance of the family in a NY Times article; page 473, post #7084

Barack Hussein Obama's childhood revealed: His mentor (Frank Marshall Davis) was a communist and sexual deviant and his nanny was a transvestite; page 474, post #7102

A review of the words of United Kingdom homosexual activist and defender of pedophilia Peter Tatchell (if you can fry an egg by yourself, you just might be ready for child-adult sex); page 477, post #7142

BBC refuses to axe show by paedophile supporter which calls for age of consent to be lowered; page 477, post #7146

Philippines DOH: 20 new HIV cases a day; page 477, post #7147

If godly men should stay out of politics, God is the biggest offender; Bryan Fischer article; page 477, post #7150

aCW shows homosexualist Art Brain how tough his Great Britain is on pedophiles; page 478, post #7161

Transgender Week at the White House: Gender Neutral Bathrooms and Conversion Therapy Bans; page 478, post #7163

CNN's openly homosexual Anderson Cooper interviews Texas Congressman on the subject of reparative therapy (Youtube video); page 478, post #7170

More testimonies from EX homosexuals (from the website Gay Christian Movement Watch); page 480, post #'s 7189 and 7190
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I've devoted quite a bit of time to those brave souls who have gone through spiritual and/or secular therapy to help overcome their homosexual desires in these 30 pages (and continued to do so throughout the rest of the thread). The websites of a few organizations that help people with their unwanted same sex desires are given, along with testimonies of many who have successfully overcome these unnatural desires, even though the LGBTQueer movement does their very best to paint therapy for homosexuals as fraudulent.

I've spent more time talking about homosexuality in the Nazi Party during WWII because today's 'gay' rights movement base their terrorist tactics on Nazi strategies.

Admission by homosexuals on how childhood sexual abuse played a very important role in their same sex desires is also shown, as well as how homosexual activists lure children into experimenting with homosexuality.

Table of contents for pages 481-510

Homosexualist Art Brain feigns ignorance about the nudity going on a 'gay' pride parades in London; page 482, post #7229

Should it be left up to the child with same sex desires whether or not to seek therapy? aCW discusses that with lovemeorhateme (aka Pete); page 482, post #7230; page 486, post #7277

aCW exposes the oxymoron term "Christian Libertarian"; page 483, post #7233

Cure Me I'm Gay - The Truth About The Latest Anti-ex-gay Pseudo-documentary (UK homosexual activist Christen Jessen exposed); page 484, post #7255

Voices of Change: Men and Women Who Have Experienced Authentic Change in Sexual Orientation Through Therapy that Works!; page 486, post #7279

Homosexualist annabenedetti links an article by homosexual activist and fake psychologist Professor Gregory Herek on homosexuality and child molestation, aCW responds with Herek's background and Linda Harvey's "12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children"; page 487, post #'s 7297 & 7299

In 6'6" 240 lb. transsexual news: 50 year old genital mutilated Robert John Ludwig returns to college to play basketball and shower with 18-22 year old female teammates; page 488, post #7308

The impact cigarette smoking has on the LGBTQueer so-called "community", page 490, post #7345

Klaus Mueller: homosexual activist and curator of the Holocaust Museum reviewed; Part 1 of The Pink Swastika on Youtube (Hitler was a homosexual prostitute); link to earlier posts; page 493, post #7383; Johann Hari's "The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists"; page 494, post #7405

Journal reveals Hitler's dysfunctional family: Beaten by his father, the future dictator used to bully his sister ; page 495, post #7420 (link to "What causes homosexual desire?")

Adolf Hitler: Anonymous sexual encounters, boyfriends and boy prostitute for the "chicken hawks" who likez em young; page 496, post 7430

Nazi Tactics in “Gay” Politics: The “gay” movement has done more than simply adopt Nazi styles and symbolism. Homosexual strategists have also embraced the terroristic tactics of the Nazi Brownshirts to advance their political agenda; page 497, post #7445

Ultra LGBTQueer friendly Loretta Lynch Confirmed by U.S. Senate as Attorney General...what to expect from her; page 497, post #7446

Bruce Jenner: 'I'm a woman' : Olympic icon vows to 'change world' for transgenders, describes cross-dressing childhood; page 497, post #7450

GENDER, LIES AND SUICIDE, former transsexual Walt Heyer analyzes the issues which fuel the tragedy of transgender suicide; page 497. post #7454

62.7% of Transgenders Have Untreated Mental Disorders; page 499, post #7475

Alan Chambers, while head of Exodus International assures "gay Christians" that unrepentant homosexual practice is no barrier to salvation … among other gospel distortions and bad moves , article by Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D.; page 499, post #7485

Why the Left Won’t Budge on “Born That Way”; Wal Ford explains in Facebook article that legal protected status by government rests on that false theory; page 500, post #7491

Exodus International: still helping people with unwanted homosexual desires in 17 countries; page 501, post #7506

Video testimonies from EX homosexual from Gay Christian Movement Watch; page 501, post # 7507; previous head of NARTH, Dr. Joseph Nicolos website linked; post #7514

Is EX homosexual Stephen Bennett an alien from outer space? Homosexual activist TracerBullet seems to think so; article by Bennett on who is to blame for homosexual teen suicides; page 503, post #7535

If change was possible for Alan Chambers, why did he think that it wasn't for others?; page 504, post #7550

Rape Survivor Syndrome and the negative effects it has on normal sexual relationships; page 504, post #'s 7552 and 7559

Undercover Investigation: ‘Gays’ Admit they weren’t ‘Born That Way’ (video by Ryan Sorba); page 506, post #7578

Sexual abuse: a major cause of homosexuality? (article linked); page 506, post #7580

Ryan Sorba credentials; page 507, post # 596

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs a German who is known as "the grandfather of the worlds' gay' rights movement was a pedophile? (From Ryan Sorba's "The Born Gay Hoax" -"The Origin of the 'Gay' Identity"; page 507, post #'s 7600 and 7602

Homosexual activists lure children into homosexual experimentation (link to numerous articles); page 509, post #7624

Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia (a history of and it's board of directors); page 510, post #7643



In these 30 pages you'll see yet more evidence of the homosexual-pedophile/pederasty connection. The new "Boy Sodomizers of America" (formerly known as the Boy Scouts of America) as expected will be soon lifting the ban on allowing openly homosexual adult leaders into the once Godly organization (I'll review in Part 4 how many innocent children were raped by homosexual leaders in the Boy Scouts over the years).

In addition I've shown of a law that is on the legislative books in every city, county and state, which if enforced, would keep sexual deviants far far away from children.

Yet another state is banning sexually confused children from getting professional help with their same sex desires (and what a coincidence, yet another homosexual is behind that legislation!)

I've also shown several homosexuals that have been responsible for the death of innocent people while in charge of public transportation.

Table of contents for pages 511-540

More on pederast Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (sexually abused at 14); page 511, post #7659

Homosexual serial killers (Youtube video, links to articles); page 512, post #7669

Historian and pedophile : Professor Hubert Kennedy; page 512, post #7671

A new disease has been discovered amongst homosexual child molesters; page 513, post #7688

CDOM: Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, laws if enforced, that would protect children from sexual deviants; page 513, post #7695

Gaetan Dugas, homosexual who spread AIDS to 40 other homosexuals, should he be considered a serial killer?; page 515, post #7711

Men of faith should be involved in politics -- Moses is proof (Bryan Fischer article), Three Institutions Established by God; page 515, post #7718

Being gay is not “a behavior”: Just how offensive can these anti-LGBT billboards get? (written from a lesbians perspective); page 516, post #7729

Beware of the 2 sides to Jeb Bush; page 516, post #7735

"It was mom" (a Youtube tribute on Mother's Day); page 516, post #7754

2011 statistics on HIV/AIDS (deaths and those living with it who don't know); page 517, post #7763

"Most sexual offenders were sexually abused as children; 40% to 80% of pedophiles were raped as a child,.." (USA Today article); additional quote from atheist Richard Dawkins defending child molestation; page 519, post #7781

Pastor Rick Warren And Elton John Hold Hands In Congress, Joke About Kissing Each Other; page 520, post #7792

A review of what President Barack Hussein Obama has done for the abortion-homosexual movement. Has Obama hidden his past life from the public?; page 520, post #7800

Robert Sanchez: homosexual/pederast/passenger train engineer/mass murderer; page 521, post #7808

Brandon Bostian: Homosexual Activist Train Engineer Who Caused Amtrak Crash and Death of 7 People; page 521, post #7813

Report: Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Surfed Gay Porn and Suicide Websites Before Crash killing 150 people; page 521, post #7815

Let's talk theonomy: What would Ron Paul's punishment be for promoting homosexuality?; page 522, post #7525

Girl Scouts of America opening their tents to boys in skirts; page 522, post #7828

FDA proposes lifting lifetime ban on gay, bisexual men donating blood...as long as they abstain from sex for a year. (the politically correct FDA still acknowledges homosexuality as an extremely high risk behavior; page 523, post #7836

Oral Sex and HIV Risk (CDC report); page 523, post #7844

Major Gay Marriage Study Was Fabricated, Author Admits (more lies from the LGBTQueer movement); page 524, post #7853

Science Fiction: Michael LaCour's Gay Rights Canvassing Hoax Shows the Limits of Peer Review (more on the fraudulent homosexual marriage study); page 524, post #7856

Amnesty Granted To Child Molesting Camp Counselor Known As ‘Papa Bear’; page 524, post #7858

aCW discusses with theonomist Christian Liberty how his new cult and Islam have much in common; page 525, post #7866

Blanket ban on homosexual leaders must be abandoned, Robert Gates tells Boys Scouts in Atlanta; page 525, post #7867

America's First Openly Bisexual Governor Bans Gay Conversion Therapy in Oregon, Ex-Gay Group Calls Bill 'Child Abuse'; page 527, post #7892

How that great beacon of morality (Oprah Winfrey) brought the Josh Duggar's incident to the public's eye; page 527, post #7902

Obama to 5-Year-Old Gay Marriage Advocate: 'Couldn't Agree More!'; page 529; post #7933

Suicide attempt rate high among urban gay men, UCSF study finds (aCW discusses with homosexual activist TracerBullet how supposed homophobia isn't responsible for homosexual suicides and why the lifespan of homosexuals is so short); page 530, post #7936

Finding Redemption in the Josh Duggar Story (Dr. Michael Brown article); page 530, post #7945

Bruce Jenner's [genital mutilation] transition plastic surgery; page 531, post #7954

The LGBTQueer movement: a culture that doesn't have a definition for the word perversion (aCW cites some examples involving children); page 531, post #7957

When prompted to define perversion, TOL homosexualists TracerBullet and alwight, along with homosexual/pederast icon Harvey Milk, define it; page 531, post #7964

More statistics on the homosexual lifestyle: Homosexuals are 100 times more likely to be murdered (usually by another homosexual) than the average person, 25 times more likely to commit suicide, and 19 times more likely to die in a traffic accident; page 532, post #7975

The Myth of the ‘Gay Holocaust:’ Lessons from the Nazi Experiment (relatives of holocaust victims and survivors have a thing or two to say about the homosexuality inside the Nazi Party); page 533, post #'s 7984 & 7987, page 534, post #8009 (serial killers) & page 536, post #8033 (Hitler accused of pederasty with one of German composer Richard Wagner's grandchildren).

Rush Limbaugh: American Left’s Target is Christianity; page 533, post #7989

In Pushing Homosexual Agenda Globally, Obama Admin Seeks to Co-opt, Marginalize Religion; page 533, post #7993

Homosexuality is not a victimless crime: A bill in Ohio seeks to expand access to treatment for certain sexually transmitted diseases by allowing doctors to prescribe medication to their patients' partners without first examining them (Bryan Fishcer article); page 543, post #8007

Fox News host: 'Gay marriage' is conservative (agnostic-atheist-Libertarian Greg Gutfeld exposed); page 534, post #8010

Bruce Jenner is a "he" in every single cell of his body (Bryan Fischer article along with links to articles by Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber); page 537, post #8053

AFTAH Flier Alerts Chicago Neighborhood to Homosexual Perversion ‘Museum’ – Leather Archives – Located within Blocks of Three Schools (more homosexual "culture"); page 539, post #8080
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In these 30 + pages people will get goosebumps reading about the loving and ever so tolerant words and tactics that the drag queens, bull dykes and fairies of the LGBTQueer movement use towards Christians such as Aaron and Melissa Klein who formerly owned Sweet Cakes Bakery in Oregon, a t-shirt company in Kentucky ("Hands on Originals"), the parents of suicide victim Joshua Alcorn and Pastor Scott Lively.

The full frontal assault on parental rights continues with head sexual anarchist B. Hussein Obama acknowledging that nationwide legislation is needed that would prohibit sexually and gender confused youth from getting therapy (and who says that the North American Man Boy Love Association no longer has any say in the LGBTQueer movement?).

Ryan Sorba has made yet another great undercover video exposing the racism inside the LGBTQueer so-called "community" and Pastor Bob Enyart shows the outright hypocrisy of the LGBTQueer movement, who viciously attacked Josh Duggars for his immoral behavior as a teenager 12 years ago, but sit by in dead silence while adult icons inside their movement nonchalantly talk about raping little boys.

Table of Contents for Pages 541-571

Christian bakery closes after months of LGBT threats, protests (Sweet Cakes Bakery in Oregon); page 541, post #8115

Obama backs ban on 'conversion' therapy for gay, transgender youth; page 544, post #8150

What to do when your own child is a sex abuser (lifesitenews article); page 548, post #8207

Racism amongst homosexuals (Ryan Sorba's undercover video of Barney Frank's 'husband' and others; a link to AFTAH article on homosexuals and racism); page 549, post #8230 & 8234 (Ellen DeGeneres and Harvey Milk both admit to being sexually molested as children)

Transgender Americans face high suicide risk (HIV, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse: these lost souls have it all); page 550, post #8249

Medical paper reveals uncomfortable facts about transgender "sex re-assignment surgery" (MassResistance article); page 553, post #8283

Part time doorknob licker and highly respected homosexual activist Dan Savage believes that the parents of gender confused Joshua Alcorn should be brought up on criminal charges (as serious as manslaughter) for their son's suicide; page 556, post #8329

Christian Company Forced Into “Sensitivity Training” For Standing By Their Values (Kentucky company "Hands on Originals" yet another victim of the "gaystapo" for refusing to print t-shirts for a gay pride parade); page 556, post #8335

Why many American Christians really are un-Christian (a review of the Selwyn Duke article); page 557, post #8348

"Hatred for Duggars vs. Tolerance of Pedophiles", Pastor Bob Enyart shows the hypocrisy of the LGBTQueer movement during an interview with the Queen of all Queens' of Denial, homosexual activist Wayne Besen; page 557, post #8350; more on homosexual activist/pedophile defender Damien Martin; page 558, post #'s 8357 (article questioning if NAMBLA should be dumped by the LGBTQ movement), 8359 (founded high school for homosexual/transgender youth named after pederast Harvey Milk) & 8361 (dead from AIDS at age 57)

Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet (aCW shows that not all pedophiles are homosexual); page 557, post #8351

Homosexual icon Harvey Milk's pederasty reviewed: page 559, post #8381 (with 16 year old Jack Galen McKinley); page 560, post #8392 (multiple affairs with teenage boys and young men; talks about simultaneous multiple relationships including that of disabled teenager Gerard Dols; ally of mass murderer Jim Jones)

What happens when government doesn't fulfill it's intended role (legislating righteous laws); aCW reviews "the most important post in WHMBR! Part 1"; page 562, post #8421

12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children (aCW reviews Linda Harvey's excellent article showing "#12. By early corruption, homosexuals may put a stumbling block in the way of eternal salvation for many children, one that is often difficult to overcome..."); page 563, post #8433

aikido7 bastardizes Holy Scripture which gets him inducted into the thread's "Homosexualist Christian Movement Watch"; page 563, post #8436

Cross dressing-genital mutilated Bruce Jenner goes to the Los Angeles LGBT Center to inspire homosexual and transgender youth; page 564, post #8448

aCW shows homosexualist Art Brain that the Bible is the basis for love, whether it be the righteous role of civil government, parenting a child or preparing for the afterlife; page 564, post #8450

One screwed up Jenner-ation (Matt Barber talks the deeply mentally, spiritually and physically disturbed Bruce Jenner being on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine and how our culture applauds him); page 567, post #8500

Is Hating “Haters” Hateful? (Scott Lively from his book "Redeeming the Rainbow"); page 569, post #8533

In bestial marriage news: Man Sues Government For Right To Marry Dolphin; page 570, post #8537

aCW thanks homosexualist Art Brain for making him see the errs in his ways; page 570, post #8538; aCW thanks homosexual activist TracerBullet for showing love and tolerance towards Pastor Scott Lively; post #8547

Soros-funded "civil rights" group in NY files huge 47-page lawsuit in federal court accusing Pastor Scott Lively of "crimes against humanity" — for pro-family speeches in Uganda! High-profile attack on religious expression begins (a review of the LGBTQueer attack against Pastor Scott Lively/MassResistance link); page 571, post #8555

aCW nominates HRC founder and accused pederast/rapist Terry Bean as "bedroom sex czar" after homosexualist The Horn talks about police bedroom surveillance, which (in his deluded mind believes) would naturally come with the recriminalization of homosexuality; page 571, post #8563



In these last 30+ pages of Part 3 you'll see in the website "Gay Christian Movement Watch" many of the homosexual activists who are behind the 'gay' Christianity movement. The same website has hundreds of testimonies of EX homosexuals as well.

Reasons why Russia banned certain foreigners from adopting orphaned children is discussed along with a story of one of San Francisco's homosexual icons and the supposed punishment he received for viewing child pornography (I should use the word "baby" instead of "child").

Our friends at MassResistance reported how America came to accept homosexual so-called "marriage", and will in upcoming segments talk about the next course of action that needs to be taken.

Table of contents for pages 572-603

alwight the atheist uses propaganda from UK homosexual activist Stephen Fry stating that "corrective rape" is a huge problem in Christianized/pro family Uganda. aCW refutes the lies and shows why homosexuality was recriminalized in Uganda (homosexual "recruiting" of children being a major factor) as well as showing that homosexual friendly South Africa is the world's capital for corrective rape; page 573, post # 8590 and page 573, post #8597

Accused gay-bash attacker at Dallas BBQ surrenders to NYPD, but lawyer says he's gay too: sources; page 574, post #8608

'Big 4' firm 'let Clintons skim millions from AIDS charity'; page 575, post #8612

Gay-on-gay 'hate crimes' (molested boys are "walking time bombs"); page 577, post #8648 (original article by Dr. Judith Reisman on page 129, post #1921

Homosexual actor opposes pedophile background checks (openly homosexual Lord of the Rings actor Ian McClellan speaks out against Britain's anti pedophile database); page 577, post #8649

Gay Christian Movement Watch False Teacher Hall of Shame (a list of well known pastors and homosexual activists who HATE God so much that they bastardize His Word to meet their own selfish desires); page 578, post #8657

Russia expands it's adoption ban (single people, same sex couples and countries that allow 'gay' marriage are not eligible); aCW reviews why Russian initially placed a ban on certain out of country adoptions (homosexual molestation of children played a huge role in it); page 579, post #8684

Sensing that homosexualist StanJ has a streak of violence in him, aCW reviews some Youtube videos showing LGBTQueer violence against people of faith; page 580, post #8697

What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Pride Parade (yet another case of Christians being harassed and assaulted while sharing the gospel at a 'gay' pride parade); page 582, post #8716

Christian and former NBA basketball coach Mark Jackson fired from the Golden State Warriors for defending God?; page 584, post #8755

Ryan Sorba video showing testimonies from homosexuals talking about sex with underage boys and how many of them were molested as a child; page 584, post #8759; page 585, post #8761

aCW shows aikido7 that George W. Bush certainly wasn't an enemy of the LGBTQueer movement; George H. W. Bush attends a lesbo wedding; page 586, post #8786

(Sean Conroy) Openly homosexual player making historic start for Sonoma Stompers; page 587, post #8792; wants to be a role model for homosexual youth; page 588, post #8814

$6,000 each spent on rainbow colored crosswalks in Seattle; page 588, post #8816

San Francisco’s Gay Icon Larry Brinkin Guilty of Felony Child Porn Possession (will likely serve 6 months in jail for viewing porn of 1-3 year olds who were being sodomized and forced to perform oral sex on adult males, and will get to keep his city pension); page 589, post #8821

White House, buildings across the country light up in rainbow colors to celebrate gay rights (the Pervert in Chief celebrates the Supreme Court ruling stating that homosexual 'marriage" is a constitutional right in the United States; page 589, post #8829

aCW takes a stroll down sodomite memory lane and shares some past 'gay' weddings; page 590, post #8843

Congress can override Supreme Court rulings like Roe v Wade and Lawrence v Texas; page 590, post #8846

Vikings' Josh Robinson Compares Gay Marriage to Incest and Pedophilia, Calls Marriage Equality ''Sick''/Christian Vikings Cornerback Josh Robinson Apologizes for Tweets Comparing Homosexual Marriage to Incest, Pedophilia; page 591, post #8854

"Audacity" a major motion picture dealing with homosexuality (video trailer); page 591, post #8858

The movement to recriminalize homosexuality (several foreign countries are doing so, Bryan Fischer article proposing it in the US); page 592, post #8874

Seattle Pride Parade revelers celebrate marriage equality (while still enjoying the homosexual "culture": "...leather, nudity and a bunch of condoms"); page 593, post #'s 8887 (children and the sadomasochism crowd), #8892 (Boy Scouts, military, police, link to Seattle Times pictures)

Lesbian activist Masha Gessen video stating that the institution of marriage should not exist; page 594, post #8901

Seattle P.I. coverage of Seattle Pride Parade; page 594, post #8902

The US Supreme Court “gay marriage” ruling – how we got to this, and what do we do now? A candid analysis from the trenches that you won’t see elsewhere (MassResistance article); page 595, post #8921

ICYMI: This 8-Year-Old Boy Crushed It At The New York Pride Parade & Stole Everyone's Hearts! Read About His Story! (the LGBTQueer goes nuts over a cross dressing 8 year old boy); page 596, post #8936

CDC report on drug and alcohol abuse amongst homosexuals; page 597, post #'s 8941; #8946 ( substance abuse amongst rape victims, those raised in fatherless homes, depression)

George Takei Misreads Justice Thomas' Dissent, Calls Him 'Clown in Blackface'; page 597, post #8949

When it becomes illegal for Christians to hold public office (Bryan Fischer article); San Antonio Proposal Could Bar Christians From City Council (2013 proposal); page 598, post #8960

I Live With My Ex-Wife And Her New Wife -- And Our Kids Are Better For It (HuffoPo article); page 598, post #8969

The Boy with the Henna Tattoo (Youtube video of how homosexuals Peter Truong and Mark Newton rape and pimp out their adopted son; page 599, post #8991

Planned Parenthood carries giant condom to gay pride event (along with B. Hussein Obama, celebrate SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage); page 600, post #8997

Obama speechwriter reveals secret same-sex marriage at White House; page 601, post #9009

Karl Marx and the Revolutionary Roots of Redefining Marriage; page 601, post #9011

aCW debunks the "slippery slope" argument used by the LGBTQueer movement; page 601, post #9015

Independence Day: A message about fear (MassResistance article about what our Founding Fathers sacrificed for freedom); page 602, post #9016

Inspiring Responses to Gay Kid’s Heartbreaking Confession (and here you thought homosexuality was just between consenting adults); page 602, post #9023

This concludes "Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 3", look for Part 4 (with new topics and an easy to use index) coming sometime in August.

In the meantime, remember that

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
-Edmund Burke

Link to Part 4 of "Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized!"
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