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  • hi,, we are close. I lived off 15th and reed market rd.....close to the Bend Senior Center, Larkspur park, off of Fargo/Reed market rd. Moved to redmond now since about 6 months ago.
    :sibbie: What did you call me, you hag!!!!


    You can still copy and paste what pops said and paste it into another thread on the topic, and that way it can keep going, but under the right thread title.
    And others may join that want to talk about the same topic but didn't ever look in this thread because it wasn't on that topic.
    We need some fresh threads anyway, to keep Jacob and Squeeky from dominating the forum.
    I 'think' cobra is E.E. I thought perhaps S.Moon was too, because they have some similarity in posts.
    not feeling worse ... better some hours. I like this verse
    2Co 1:9 ... But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead.
    thank you for your prayers
    At first I assumed as much. But his grammar and sentence constructions are far more coherent than anything EE has demonstrated in the past.
    I feel like this is teaching moment for GT. Maybe it will sink in this time. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you.
    Neg rep! Now you've done it. Prepare for lots of use of large cap fontfaces as I write gibberish, liberally seasoned with inane embedded youtube videos....

    ...just kidding. That's already been done lately. ;)

    No worries, glorydaz. Thanks for letting me know.

    Who is your vote for the 'nicest' one in the thread?
    I haven't decided yet.
    It's so close!
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