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  • You should. Or you could do like Town does and whine on his own thread where no one can respond. Why don't you do that?
    You wrote that and then I spoke to AB about you. But even if you'd had that right, it makes your complaint about the practice hypocritical. What, you're only virtuous if everyone else is? :nono:
    Well, it would be peculiar to argue a point if you didn't believe it. Mischaracterizing my difference as humanist, repeatedly, even though I credited you with knowing your own mind, or using the problematically hypocritical "gutless" complaint, or calling me dishonest in approach at the end of this makes for a rebuttal of your own claim regarding emotionalism though.

    As to Sod...I suspect he launched all this to do precisely what it has accomplished. None of that has any impact on how I see you though. If you were Psalmist or AB, or anna and holding your position I'd be obliged to oppose you and I wouldn't alter my position if . AB and I have had wars over Universalism and the reality of hell, by way of.
    I talked to you. I met every post you made. I think you get too emotional and it ends up with you making regrettable remarks, like humanist and gutless. I've offered reason and argument and mostly refrained from responding in kind, though after the second humanist remark I had to edit my initial response prior to send... Your position here is unfortunate and, I think, has terrible potential in terms of consequence, but I don't think it makes you Hitler. :D Only mistaken. I also don't hold you responsible for Sod, though agreeing with him should be reason enough for anyone to second guess their position.
    Guts? You have a problem with assumption, as per my last and overdue response with a bit of English on it. The Gazette being locked had nothing to do with you. I wouldn't argue points there, it's not the point of the thread, but the lockdown, which I've done regularly when Sod was stomping about, was to keep Eeset and him from doing their trolling routine.

    Since he became a near untouchable with the admin, sadly, he's been back at that again. A lot of people stop by to read the Gazette and I make it as easy for them as I can.
    I do not appreciate being blamed for something i havent done. I am sick enough of the blatent bias and double standard to leave. God bless sister.
    I never go after patrick, ever - he insitagates crap with me and all i do is ask the loser what he wants each time he does it. Im out of here.
    hi gd,...we got over a foot of snow here in Bend....icky! - getting a work out shoveling the driveways ;)
    Thank you sister - i just couldnt stand by and watch someone doing what not long back was claimed not to be ok when its others.
    Just came on for a few minutes for now.
    I'm placing those who annoy me on ignore.
    Especially, you know who. I'll be back on
    later tonight. Good seeing you my friend.
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