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  • It's not that we disagree or that I'm being pejorative or condescending. There is a qualitatively greater understanding to be had by revelation of the Spirit. For instance... Right now, I'm communing with God from time into timelessness, and into His pre-creational Logos "before" He created me or you, or anything or anyone else by the divine utterance. And this also has implications applicable to the understanding of God's multi-omni-"ness", especially His omnipresence. Since all "wheres", both intangible (heavenly) and tangible (earthly), are created; His omnipresence is (in a practical sense) only relative to the realms of creation. My dissertation on Cosmogony and Theology Proper and Anthropology Proper will address all of this in a cogent and cohesive manner according to proper lexicography and exegesis, etc.
    The mistake is to make (what we think we know as) chronological time superordinate when it is subordinate, even if it is examined and applied in the inverse. Such linearity is the fallacy that eternity is endless time rather than timelessness. Again, there is no "last" decree in an alleged "logical order", just as there is no "first" decree. The Logos of God does not require the sequentiality of created forms of time such as chronology. That's how/why the eternal Logos and the eternal Son are coterminous. The Son is much more than the low view of Him as another hypostasis, which is the core of my criticism for the original historical formulaic for the Trinity doctrine by the Patristics. The omission continues to be Multi-Phenomenality for God, replaced by Multi-Hypostaticism.
    Yes, I understand all of that, and you express it eloquently and concisely. It's not that I have an issue with it as the best expression extant within the Christian faith. But quite simply, there is no "prior to the beginning" for God; just as there is no "after the beginning" for God. He interacts with time-constrained creation in a timeless manner. What is sequentiality for us is a simultaneity for God. There is no linear ordering, even in the inverse. There is no sense of quantitification to any of creation. For God it is all qualitative. Applying inverse order is just a manner of seeing a time-based mirror of sequentiality ascribed to God. To superimpose any linearity upon God is to apply the created to the Creator. Just because He ceased from creation in Genesis 2, it doesn't mean the qualitative nature of His work unfolds according to the fallen form of chronological time in these earth ages of the cosmos.
    The further unaddressed and unresolved consideration is whether chronological time in its current form is the same as pre-Fall creation for the cosmos. The omniversity of all contingent potentialities and plausible possibilities is in the eternal immutable mind of God. But there's only one creation scroll. This is what drives the Open Theists to their heresy, presuming all of that to be post-creational and still undetermined. By our hypostatic translation into Christ, we commune from time into timelessness, partaking of the divine nature "before" God created us; but there is no "before" for God. He foreknew us by our communion with Him in Christ relative to NOW.
    Yes, Infralapsarianism is literally impossible. My issue with Supralapsarianism is that there is no "before He created man" for God. This all ties back to what will ultimately be my Doctoral dissertation to have published volumes for peer review within formal theological academia.

    I've been a dog guy all my life and have never had a cat until 6 weeks ago. He's a 14-week-old Maine Coon, and already 6# on the way to 25# or more when grown. I also have 2 Italian Greyhounds, who are still adjusting to this little alien feline.
    Wouldn't it be lovely if the heretical Dispy Arminians and Open Theists ever actually represented Reformed doctrine authentically instead of a parody from their own false presuppositions and misperceptions? My challenges revolve around there not validly being "Supra" or "Infra" or "Sub" for Lapsarianism when referring to a God whose incommunicable attributes include eternity and infinity, etc. There is no "before" or "after" for God in any functional sense that those in creation can assign to him. He is both "nowhere" and "nowhen" while also being "everywhere" and "everywhen". He is both transcendant and immanent to His creation; so there is no sequentiality or duration or elapsation or linearity for Him in time terms or applications. The terms foreknowledge and predestinated must be understood with this revelatory consideration. But both the original and new creation are Monergistic. The new creation can't create itself by the works of man, even if that is the verb "believe".
    Arminians are just Pelagians who are "playing". Dispos are everywhere. Open Theists are wack. Other areas of doctrine need as much apologetic attention as Theology Proper, so I'm pursuing that balance. I've been learning how to truly forgive and not be driven by degrees of bitterness, etc. All in all, a good growth pattern. And the Reformed tradition is the only viable means of challenging some things that have been held as orthodoxy for many centuries. I must meticulously stand on the shoulders of all foregoing men of God to consistently demonstrate I am not promoting heresy in my critiques. I've even curbed my disdain for Augustine, instead attributing his major fault as not being a true Philologist and also being self-constrained to Latin while never learning Greek. And much more, but you likely get the idea. :)
    It's not that I haven't been predominantly Reformed for years; but I realized my error in positioning myself as a complete Trinity antagonist rather than aligning with orthodoxy while challenging minutiae from within more credible boundaries. Complete Cessationism is also fallacious; but Biblical Continuationism looks nothing like Third-Wave Charismaticism, the New Apostolic Reformation, the Emergent Church, etc. I've "softened" my critical approaches, having realized my extreme zeal was more harmful than helpful. As I prepare for pursuing my Doctorate, I can't be perceived as a rogue renegade and maverick theologian, just because I critically scrutinize every extant facet of theology.
    I've been on a hiatus for a few months myself and just returned a few days ago. You'll be interested to know that I align myself more and more within the Reformed tradition with each passing day.
    It is marvelous how pray goes across the miles and heavenward for us, I think that increases our assurance and faith that iour friends care andit not lip service. May the Lord bless you both.
    Hi Nang.....we agree on some points. I added another report to the post u reported. I've been here over 10 yrs as a liberal eclectic voice.....sherman is clueless in many respects who is taking her slogan as "the flying ban hammer" overboard.
    Nang I thought your words were spot on and to the point. Your El Camino sound like a real deal, however my driving days are limited now and may end soon due to diabetic peripheral nueropathy; it's numbness and balance that are problem, the numbness explains itself, the balance and coordination can be a problem. So I'm preparing myself to give up driving graciously.
    My oldest Blog posting talks about how I came to be a Christian. Even though there's a lot of detail, there's more to the story which I didn't write. Maybe someday.
    You bless me with your friendship. The Holy Spirit is amazing! I feel sorry for those who haven't felt His presence, whether in an unsaved state or saved state.
    I go into details on my earliest Blog entries which I won't repeat here. God works in mysterious ways. Even though I was not a Christian at this time, I believe I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the words spoken by that unknown gunsmith, former Hells Angel, giving his testamony. I knew he spoke the truth, and that's what I wanted.

    God continue to bless you and your loved ones in whatever situation you find yourself in.

    God Bless,
    Bob (aka
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