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  • We are not so much different. I, a fallen aware Catholic, laid in the bottom of a river in Missouri accepting my certain death. I was drowning. (I can't swim). But while I was willing to give up my life, God was not willing to let me go. I was a lost sheep. Being a hard-headed know-it-all, I couldn't make sense of what had happened. I searched for God in all religions before I just gave up. My scientific mind couldn't make sense of what happened, and more importantly, why. Ten years later, God said it's time and I heard the testamony of a stranger given to another stranger from some 10 to 15 feet away, at a place I wouldn't normally (at that time) go in. A store in Silver Dollar City selling black powder guns and western clothing. (I was very much a liberal at that time).
    Amen. Those who don't experience it don't understand. My wife became a Christian before I did. I remember my wife coming home from a service and I could feel the Holy Spirit emanating from her. It was eerie because I wasn't a Christian yet, but everything happens according to God's time.
    Hello R. The world continues to spin and I believe I've found a Church home, finally.
    It's a half hour drive from here, but well worth it........ as long as I have the gasoline that is. I didn't realize how lonely I was. It was inspiring to walk into a place and know in my heart that I was home. I'm going to a presentation tonite on living with cancer. the theology of cancer. Pastor Rich said that the talk will be uploaded to Sermon Audio. He's preaching on Job right now, did chp 29 this past Lord's Day.
    I love singing the Psalms, but I found I need to brush up on my 4 part singing :chuckle:
    my love to you both
    I don't "need" anything from you. I simply see you as a very puffed up Calvinist (in your case) who could benefit from knowing the truth. That's all.
    I remember sitting aboard a 747 as a student, flying home from Israel, saying "I will never be anything other than a 5-point Calvinist." My how the Lord has opened my eyes to truths I never knew existed. Season it right and crow doesn't have to taste that bad.
    Those that teach lies are enemies of the truth. I've told you that if I need any guidance from you I'll ask and I can't remember asking.
    "Universal Atonement" not universalism. Universal atonement means that at-onement between God and humanity has been worked out and effectuated by Christ Jesus. Christ is the full atonement for all humans ~ OT, NT, and beyond. No one is excluded from his inclusion of humanity in taking on himself our flesh (entire being). We are born into that inclusion and in it we live our lives, some of us faithfully, knowingly so; others without a clue ~ and still others in blatant rejection of the Gospel they know to be true. Those who die in the state of willful, informed rejection of Christ are those whom Christ may judge to be forever lost. That judgment I am quite willing to leave to Christ. Are you willing to do the same?
    That is understood, but the 'universalism' is odd. Do they mean all are saved, or all are atoned for?
    See starting with this post and forward my Q&A with BR:

    Truster observes (via my profile page):

    "I do see what your intentions are and I've seen this all before. You might well think you are clever or even unique, but you ''reformed people'' fill the pews in the churches in Wales. You are to blame for the churches being empty of people that are sick and tired of your self justifying creeds and the demands you make on poor souls. You have changed from selling indulgences to selling your doctrines. Same spirit at work just a different product."

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