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  • Saw this and thought of you. :D

    Sorry it's a bit on the 'takes up way too much space' size...

    Enjoy your Friday. :)
    Nice to see you too. Things are doing great on my end as well. See you around :)
    Just a few minutes ago, I read that ISIS may go after Russia next, probably with help from Chechnya. Maybe it's time to rethink our foreign policy.
    THall...he's the odious troll (in conjunction with CW) who earned my lasting enmity over his description of those dead in the Colorado shooting. So my response was a two in one, both standing by a friend and standing against that polyp from the colon of TOL.
    Jack starts preschool on Monday...it's true, when you're a kid summer lasts forever. Now it's like watching the dividing lines whip by. Life is good, interesting and fun. Catching lightening bugs and camping under a super moon. That sort of thing. :) Good to see you about, sort of (no, the other one). :cheers:
    Anna is on TOL sabbatical and you're a tenuous flash. You do realize the strain that puts on AB, I hope. :eek: Poor fellow, I've all but destroyed his one good ear.
    Good morning Zoo! Thanks for all of the "pos rep's" you have given to me.
    And I want to thank you for all of the delightful bunny's you have shared with us. They have lifted my spirits so many mornings. Of course I no longer contribute to the Breakfast Club, too much detritus there! Maybe you could start a thread "Good Morning TOL" or something?
    For you:

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