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  • Okay, I'll try again. :)

    And you can hardly be a packrat at 50 PMs... when I had a silver subscription I hit the 1000 ceiling. :eek:
    Ah, I see the problem. I just tried to PM you and got this message:

    "rexlunae has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

    And look... TOL is using the inclusive pronouns "their" and "they." :cloud9: :chuckle:
    Also, I just now. saw your other visitor message to me because you posted it on your page. You most certainly can PM, you don't have to be a subscriber to PM and I'm not a subscriber at the moment either and we're allowed up to 50 total sent/received. if you can't send at all, check your settings and see if anything's changed there from what you had it set at before. And I'll see right now if I can send you one so check your PMs by clicking on the Private Messages link in the black bar.
    By the way, I apparently can't send private messages. I tried to respond to one of your rep messages, but realized I couldn't. I guess maybe you need to be a subscriber....but I'm not really planning on that here right now.
    Al Jazeera has been pretty good on reporting Aleppo. But, of course, it's hard to get good information.
    Do you have a good source, or sources, for what's happening in Aleppo? There's a lot of conflicting information out there and I'd like a better understanding.
    Thank you for always being a steady and reassuring voice of reason here.

    I've always appreciated that about you - but now, more than ever.
    Well, I'm definitely glad to see you around and posting. It's encouraging.

    I watched the video - I had no idea about Trump's past comments about Paula Jones. And it's painful to see any woman in an apologia for Trump.
    I was disappointed that they didn't do the roll call tonight.

    The look on Bernie's face says it all. :(

    He was my choice.
    I believe she's definitely to blame for not making sure the requests were answered and addressed that were asking for additional security for the compound.
    It's not just the email server though. It's Benghazi, it's establishment, it's cronyism, and it's even the way she treated the White House staff and the Secret Service when she was first lady. I think she only pretends to a connection with her base, and I know a lot of women will be voting for her simply because she's a woman, and I'm not in that camp myself.
    There are a lot of Bernie supporters who hate Hillary as much as the right wing does. Should be an interesting convention.

    I know, right?

    What a circus... this place is so bizarre it's worth a case study.

    Hope you're doing well these days. :)
    Here's the short version: the guy was given a reprimand after self-reporting on his email. Then he went running to a Congressman to grouse. The brass weren't happy with that approach to chain of command, used their discretionary powers again to investigate further, found that he'd included classified information in a bit he was gathering in advance of putting out a book on his exploits in Afghanistan. So they gave him an honorable discharge for that one, not the email he reported. Not a very good attempt to parallel, which rm would have understood if he hadn't latched onto the first stab by the right to vent outrage coherently.
    You must have missed my post on it, but rocket went in without really knowing the case, got important facts wrong in attempting a parallel that really wasn't one. I took the thing apart not long after he tried it. It's amazing how many otherwise rational men and women can let themselves be led by the nose that way...I mean it took all of five minutes to examine the case in point and see the problems with it. But that's the problem with so many conservatives. They stop reading, looking and thinking when they get to what suits them, spoon fed by partisan hacks who still manage to work harder than their readership, apparently.
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