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  • I couldn't give you a rep comment for that last post but wanted to give you a :first:

    You couldn't be more right unless you'd added straight-up liar.
    Sincere thanks in return, but I'm gone more than I'm here these days and I don't think that's going to change, for a number of reasons. Summer school second session starts soon and then my last year at SDSU, and GRE and applying for grad school (social work). Plus this place is a scary microcosm of everything I don't have to enumerate for you, and the mental queasiness it induces definitely helps me self-moderate. :chuckle:

    My thought was that the Orlando massacre will play right into his game plan, and suck in the previously undecided. I'm no fan of Hillary and certainly not excited about her, but consider Trump to be the more dangerous. Hillary will be more of Obama, and Obama didn't live up to the fears of the right, and in fact he disappointed some on the left. I'm dreading November. I'd previously thought that Trump couldn't beat Hillary, but I'm not very sure of that anymore.
    I just found your response to me from last month here on your page when I came to leave you a message. :)

    I've never made of secret of the fact that I respect you immensely.

    And - what I came to ask: Who do you think is going to win in November?
    It's a little hard for me to believe I've been posting here that long. I mostly joined to stir the pot, cause some trouble. Turned out, there were actually just enough people here that I respected that it didn't work out that way.
    I tried to reply to your PM, but you need to clear some space. :)

    I had more to say, but will keep it to this here:

    I like concise too, and I'm glad you liked it. :)
    Trump is just Wallace and the traction he's getting is owed to the fact that we have an unusually large, aging group of white people who see a different world coming, one in which they are no longer the primary movers and shakers, or even a first consideration and it scares the living crap out of and angers them, the way so many Christians are angered by no longer being able to run the law by their lights and confuse that absence of thumb weight on the scales of justice with being persecuted. It's a bit mad, really.
    I suppose we all have our buttons and points of irrationality (thinking about Yor)...if we're lucky we can identify them and minimize the damage by keeping silent until our reason overcomes our inclination. :think: Around here, that's too often an optimistic approach.
    Don't we all... Isn't that why we're here? :chuckle:

    Three trips out of the country sounds busy, but a good kind of busy. Best of success with all of it.
    :chuckle: I just got a chuckle out of it, that's all, it was kind of a "girl power!" moment. You're usually so measured that when you're not I always notice.

    Carry on. I hope things are well with you. :)
    Terrific response to glory. Especially the SNAP response. Couldn't comment-rep so I thanked the post, which I believe is the non-commentary, get around that annoying and pointless every three post limitation of the regular rep feature.
    Yeah, that's MD. Checked and he hasn't been around in a few. He'd slowed before that so I didn't notice. Maybe he'll poke his head in for the holidays. Left him a message at any rate. I'm enjoying the visit. Got my Masters program acceptance letter the other day and my cumulative for the semester, which was a (trumpets sound) 98.7...which is what you'd expect from Remedial Reading for Beginners, Breathing 101, Sociological Foundations of Physical Education (the phys ed people are really sensitive about their courses) and, of course, Astrology. :plain: :cheers:
    You're very welcome. :) I appreciate your presence here, and don't think you haven't left your mark, in the ways that marks matter. They don't want alternate voices, they want to be the only voice. Imagine if they had their way in real life.
    Merry Christmas, Rex. My very best to you and yours during the season.


    Hey, have you seen MD around lately? I mean lately for me, which is within a month or so. Can't recall when we had a conversation last.
    Thanks rex. He had a mild heart attack that did no substantive damage but did warn us and put him in hospital. The only problem was in one artery, which needed a stent and was 80% blocked. The procedure went well and he should be back home tomorrow and on the golf course again next week. :eek:

    I should have another Gazette up before I check out again, the way some people are posting. Thanks for the note. :cheers:
    I can understand that, I think the same about all the rape threads. They're ugly, but it's good to see that ugliness exposed, to see it's still lurking there under that thin veneer of righteousness.
    On the plus side, Trad has given me more than his fair share of things to goof around with for the Gazette, so it's hard not to smile when I see he's posted.
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