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  • fza has leaned into a disappointing habit of sniping without engaging. It seems to me that when some otherwise reasonable people can't find footing to press their point reasonably they spend most of their time on the messenger and declarations without support. He tried that with me in another thread on the lawyer angle. He's the Christian version of Hedshaker.
    Your last to rainee couldn't have been better said, but the coup de grace was especially apt,. "Strange how looking to tomorrow seems to involve resurrecting a false narrative of an imaginary past." Just so. :cheers:
    Odd how fzap never got around to that list of things I haven't addressed...and IMJ seems to have lost her taste for it. I wonder if reminding her of the Lincoln didn't care/13th Amendment problem she can't address had anything to do with it?

    I think my favorite moment so far was her insistence that many here call ourselves Confederates. :smack:
    I'm doing my best to stop a lot of that nonsense. And I love the South. Our contributions to the arts and culture are worth celebrating and there are aspects of our approach to life that I find admirable. But we can't continue to wrap the stench of that conflict in perfume and satin...so this descendant of slave owners and the most celebrated general of the Confederacy intends to name all of it as it was and not as it has been painted by romantic revisionists trading on exception for rule and a dim, impossibly fictionalized notion of its reality, where they face it at all.
    I've never seen so many people eagerly playing the role of martyrs while nearly prostrate with worry over having a taste of the actual thing at some point. I feel the urge to invest mightily in smelling salts.
    That hasn't been the issue. As several atheists have pointed out, there is an especially good reason for atheists to show mutual solidarity during the Christmas season precisely because of what the mainstream culture is doing. You have to go pretty far out of your way to take offense at the innocuous language of the billboard.
    Where I'd have to say that the reasonable use of the four weeks would then begin with December and that you have to go out of your way to ignore the practical thrust of the timing...though I'm not so much offended as driven to smile ruefully and shake head. Like watching the fellow with the wide white belt teeing up. :)
    Seems a pretty straight forward breach and Llamar has made an initial offer in satisfaction. The rest is between insurers, likely. As for Wendy's...well, if you try you can swallow just about anything. At least that's the way it seems to me when I consider Congress in composition and effect...
    Wasn't trying to bypass but the essence of your objection seemed to be framed in part of fool's. My only real interest initially was in noting that the controversy wasn't really much of one, was mostly a contract matter being stretched into an issue by fly's bias...beyond that it's a sign on the highway that wouldn't mean much more to me than "Wendy's". Except I can swallow some of what Wendy's has to offer if I really, really try. :chew: But I do think it's more aimed at free press and self promotion than anything else for the reasons set out, especially at the near end of my last response to fool.

    Thanks for the absurdly kind note, but if you stop by Quixote's you'll know precisely what, which is to say making semi serious stabs at benevolently sarcastic commentary and/or light hearted nonsense. The boards, I think, need it more of late. :cheers:
    If rationality was the coin of the realm there are times when I suspect half the joint would be on welfare...
    A really good beginning in the marriage bit. Beyond that, I'd say the state has a decided interest in promoting the general welfare, the pursuit of our individual happiness. One, because it's a part of our mission statement and secondly because well mated individuals are better for society. They're more productive, healthier and strengthened relationships underpin a stable, larger compact.
    Right on, I recall ur Christian background....As I shared with Damian....some may become atheists or theists...changing their views....at any point along the journey. Namaste :)
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