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  • He was mostly raising the primary points being made by people in opposition. He's not personally opposed. I went with the spirit of the thing. :) We did say many of the same things, but sometimes that's a good thing for the larger audience, don't you think... :cheers:
    Sometimes he reminds me of that girl in high school, the one who looks for and even invents a reason to talk about the guy she's over. Biggest favor he did me was in the good morning thread, where he literally counted the days I was absent, almost every day for a month...that sort of says it, I think.
    It was/is and Alabama made CNN as a hotbed. Between Jack in preschool and my wife's work at the library I should have a really strong immune system over the long haul. And very funny response to Nimrod on the gun bit. :chuckle:
    Jack went down with that respiratory virus. Hospital stay and a pile of bills later all is relatively well. :cheers: Thank you for the kind concern. It is appreciated, as always.
    You give her a lot more credit for earnestness than I believe she warrants. I think she trivializes things that shouldn't be. She once repeatedly compared neg rep to rape and multiple people giving out neg rep to a gang rape, so no, I won't credit her with anything other than a troll's part and parcel.

    Just wanted to be very clear as to the foundation of my cynicism. :e4e:
    I think when enough of it goes against what he really seems to want to believe he simply stops considering it and smiles. :plain:
    Hadn't seen this post when I wrote about the block quote response. :chuckle: So you'd already had the treatment. :)
    He has a habit or grabbing at anything that sustains his bias and then easily surrendering it only to move on to the next thing that he didn't really work through or fact check...and if you give him a great deal of challenge/inquiry you'll likely end up where I did, watching a block quote shrug with a thanks that mostly acts as a shield...I've just stopped trying with him for now...though I appreciate the amiability of sorts.
    He's only in his mid-twenties but he's already had a chance to see things he's designed in operation, so that's pretty neat. I'm sure you know that feeling, whether it's software or hardware. :)
    How good it is to get up and go to work in the morning when you find it rewarding. I'm glad for you. :)

    One of my sons is an aerospace design engineer, that's why I wondered.
    Wow. Impressive. And so is that creative yet precise 4 3 2 1 ordering. :)

    Sorry about the lack of sleep, though.

    Are you a design engineer, or something along those lines?
    :chuckle: I thought I had, but then I always and as quickly as I can return the pos rep that undoes it many, many times over...but it still kills me. I don't see how it happens given pos rep is the default and you have to click out. The only thing I can think of is that I do it as a part of double clicking to bring the window up somehow. :idunno:

    I can one up your pos rep. I once rep'd the wrong person with an incredulous comment about their post...now that's a bit embarrassing. The reference to the post I rep'd was impossible to miss. Thankfully, the person managed it anyway and it actually led to better relations...a happy accident then. But mortifying.
    Accidental neg rep...I'm deeply embarrassed to say I'm nearly a serial accidental neg repper and I'm still not sure how it happens...have you ever gotten one of mine? Thankfully, the new system reduces neg reps to little more than private formal protest and one pos rep undoes it many times over, especially if you're rep heavy. :think: I think poor anna has had several from me. :smack:
    At present the thread is more an exercise in examining how far those defending the practice are willing to go to justify it. Yor is declaring himself more concerned and moral for using it and Frank just denied Native Americans had settled and established culture prior to the European settling...so the answer is more and more staggering.
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